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Iceland - GrayLine vs Reykjavik Excursions?

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Humphreyhippo Sun 15-Oct-17 11:55:28

Going to Iceland for 3 nights in half term and am thinking about booking excursions. It seems from a quick look at websites that GL are cheaper. Any experiences of either / both?

We are arriving at 8.20am so thought we'd look round Reykjavik on the first day and get provisions in from Bonus for breakfasts and lunches ( we are in an AirBnB in the downtown area). Possibly book the northern lights tour for that evening. Do the Golden Circle tour on day 2 and the Blue Lagoon on day 3 ( don't have time on way to airport on day 4 sadly, as flight home is at 12 noon.

Any other hints or tips would be very welcome - have already learnt loads from the other threads on here.

ZaraW Mon 16-Oct-17 15:50:51

Pick up a copy of the Grapevine newspaper for restaurants and bars. Go inside the Harpa concert hall it's amazing. Also the Viking steel boat can't remember it's name is great for photos. If you love silver jewellery Reykjavik is the place to buy it it's all handmade and often the designer works in the shop. The I love Reykjavik walking tour is fun.

Humphreyhippo Mon 16-Oct-17 19:41:19

Great thanks - haven't heard about the Grapevine or the jewellery.

Alittlepotofrosie Mon 16-Oct-17 19:49:21

Prebook the blue lagoon if you're going to go, if you turn up on the day you may not be allowed in as it gets very busy
but to be honest it's very expensive for what it is. Its a man made lagoon using run off from the thermal power plant next door. Depending when you're going some of the natural springs might still be accessible (get cut off in winter). I used Iceland horizon for my golden circle tour and they were excellent, great tour guide and they used a minibus, so they were able to stop at a couple of other sights as well that other tour operators didn't stop at.

If you fancy it, Icelandic horse riding is great fun. I can recommend islenski hesturinn. Doesnt matter if you have never ridden before they explain everything.

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