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San Marino

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NikiBabe Sat 14-Oct-17 19:43:59

Anyone been?

Any recommendations for places to stay or time of year to.go?

KingIrving Sat 14-Oct-17 20:32:52

San Marino is great, but when we went this summer it was a day trip from Rimini. ON the coast you have hundreds of hotels and I would say a day is more than enough in San Marino unless you are using it as a base for excursions.
I would recommend to stay in RImini, then day trips to San Marino, Ravenna and even taking the fast train (Freccia) to Bologna.

It is quite high up, so no later than September I would say.

NikiBabe Sat 14-Oct-17 21:43:08

How far is it from Bologna

allegretto Sat 14-Oct-17 21:44:33

About an hour from Rimini and then the bus from Rimini to San Marino. I wouldn't bother tbh!

KingIrving Sat 14-Oct-17 21:56:30

* I wouldn't bother tbh!*
about what? Going to Bologna or San Marino?
Being based in San Marino makes it difficult to move around and explore, but being based in Rimini allows you to visit and explore many cities around. And Bologna is quite unique, so totally worth it.
From Rimini, Cesenatico is 20 min away and you can enjoy the beach and then pick one of the nice restaurants on the harbour.
From Rimini you can also take the fast ferries and cross the Adriatic and go to Croatia. The water in Lošinj is soooo blue

allegretto Sun 15-Oct-17 07:57:55

Sorry I meant San Marino! Admittedly I haven't been for years but it was tacky and hard to get to.

KingIrving Mon 16-Oct-17 21:24:43

I would say San Marino is definitely worth it. Very different from all Italian cities - and it should be as it is not Italy! My boys loved it. They walked on the defence walls, climbed everywhere, and even walking in the street had this medieval feeling.
I wouldn't stay there for days, one is enough. We arrived in the afternoon and left at 10 pm after spending an hour watching people training and shooting with arquebus.
We go there by car and parked outside the walls but you can take the funicular which must be quite spectacular.
Set base in Rimini and from there explore the coast and surrounding.

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