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anyone been to Afitos/Halkidiki recently

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badasscafe1 Fri 13-Oct-17 11:10:45

just looking for any opinions..... have seen some older posts from people who were about to go, but not any follow up postings. Looking at going in July.....with kids. many thanks

mammmamia Sat 14-Oct-17 23:01:48

Went to Ikos near there in July this year. Was lovely. What did you want to know?

Itsaninlawsone Sat 14-Oct-17 23:03:44

Went to Halkidiki a few weeks ago (Porto Sani resort). Beautiful- would highly recommend.

badasscafe1 Mon 16-Oct-17 12:24:09

thanks for replies- was curious about afitos itself-- how nice is it? also was wondering about temp in July- but now looking like its all too expensive once you put in hire car, flights, etc.....

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