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Baggage allowances on Flybe

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rainorshine39 Thu 12-Oct-17 17:08:13

So I'm going away in a few weeks..I've only ever done all inclusive, cruises etc and taken what I count as a normal suitcase..I'm struggling with the whole minature/weight thing to get all my stuff in!
They are the smallest allowance so need to make sure I pack sensibly and am trying to work out what's best where.

Small case with clothes..liquids bag and toiletries
Has anyone then taken a 'average' sized handbag away as their bag that fits under the seat?..I'm thinking books/mag/wallet/phone..and I'm hoping iit all weighs in at less than what it should!! All new to me!

Wingedharpy Mon 16-Oct-17 23:55:04

I usually take a handbag as well as the cabin bag (weight and dimensions according to who I'm flying with)
Flybe's website does state that both are allowed but that the combined weight should not be more than 10kg.
Have a lovely trip.
Just be glad you didn't book with Ryanair!

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