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Any recommendations for Shannon/Galway?

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pineapplehead48 Wed 04-Oct-17 16:30:42

Hey guys I’m visiting Shannon for two days and Galway for 2 days. Any recommendations for things to see around those areas? We have a hire car so can travel easily smile

SomewhereEast Sat 07-Oct-17 11:19:31

Hi. I grew up in Galway City so know the area pretty well! We still go back a lot. Are you travelling with kids? Its a beautiful area, but doesn't have a lot of indoor attractions and the weather is notoriously 'variable'. Bring rain gear :-p

Shannon town itself is no thing of beauty (sixties planned town), but the coast of Co. Clare is amazing. Shannon's obviously near Limerick City, but I don't think its worth using up a day on when you could be exploring elsewhere...unless the weather is really awful and you just need to be indoors :-p

Here's a few things worth visiting:

Bunratty Castle & Folkpark: The castle's interior has been restored to its medieval heyday and the 'folk park' is a collection of Irish farms e.t.c as they would've been in the 19th century. If you have younger kids they'll enjoy the animals! Again its reasonably outdoors though!

If you can manage it the Loop Head peninsula - the bit of West Clare jutting out into the Atlantic - is beautiful. We explored it pre-DC from a base in the pleasant coastal town of Kilkee. Further north is the amazing landscape of the Burren (if the weather's really vile you can at least visit Ailwee Caves). If it was summer I'd suggest a boat trip to one of the three Aran Islands from Doolin or Rossaveal, but they get pretty bleak & windswept this time of year & indoor amenities on the smaller two are pretty limited. If you get a good day in summer the smaller two of the three are magical though! They're also one of the few remaining places where Irish is still a living community language. Word of warning - Don't go to the Fecking Cliffs of Moher!!! Yes they are some of the highest seascliffs in Europe blah blah, but the top has basically been concreted over and turned into a combination of tourist tat emporium & coach park. You can get boat trips to the base of the cliffs from Doolin in summer, but I don't know about this time of year. Also the pretty little coastal village of Kinvara makes a nice stop off for lunch / coffee if you're driving up the Clare coast towards Galway City.

Galway City is lovely (don't be put off by the pig ugly sprawling suburbs :-p )...lots and lots of good cafes and restaurants and a busy cultural scene. The downside of it - again - is a relative lack of big indoor attractions for smaller DCs. We like the Atlantaquarium and the interactive kid-friendly sea science gallery upstairs in the City Museum, and the beaches are great if the weather's decent and the tide's out.

That's the main stuff I can think of, but I'm happy to answer questions.

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