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Venice or Florence?

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Dizzywhore Tue 26-Sep-17 21:14:34

4 night break with DH next year for our 10th wedding anniversary.
Can't choose!

rookiemere Tue 26-Sep-17 21:18:35

We did a two night break to Venice and that was more than enough foe me. It was nice to have been, but once we had admired the canals and streets and had the worlds most expensive aperol spritz on the square ( to add insult to injury there was a 6 euro pp overhead for th orchestra who promptly went on a break as soon as we got our drinks) , I didnt think there was loads to see.

I've not been to Florence as an adult but from memory there are loads of places to visit so I would go there.

Launderetta Tue 26-Sep-17 21:25:34

Florence every time for me. Utterly stunning. Marginally cheaper than Venice, with slightly fewer people to navigate around.
Have a fantastic trip!

WritingHome Tue 26-Sep-17 21:44:50

God, that is a hard one!
I have been to Venice 6 times and never tire of it - it is so romantic and fabulous and there is LOADS to see there.

I have been to Florence 3 times and am planning trips to both cities again next year.

If you have never been to either before I would opt for Venice personally

RosemaryHoight Tue 26-Sep-17 21:51:56

Both are beautiful, what a fun thing to go for.

We stayed here in Florence, and I'd recommend it.

Dizzywhore Tue 26-Sep-17 21:55:02

Thanks all.

DH has now just thrown new York into the mix! Help!! Iv never been to any of these so it's a really hard, exciting and lovely but hard decision!

Thenorthbloodywellremembers Tue 26-Sep-17 21:56:56

What time of year are you going? I went to both in December and while florence was amazing and beautiful, Venice was completely magical and much quieter than during the summer. There are loads of museums, galleries, restaurants and day trips from both though, either will be great.

AdaColeman Tue 26-Sep-17 22:03:57

If you've never been before, I'd say Venice, there is so much to see, so many quaint corners to discover. With four days you will be able to discover local restaurants, visit several of the islands, soak up the art....

LoniceraJaponica Tue 26-Sep-17 22:14:38

"I didnt think there was loads to see."

Really? hmm
There is loads to see and do in Venice.

I have been to both and liked both for different reasons. I wouldn't know which to choose.

RhiannonOHara Thu 28-Sep-17 16:51:29

Never been to Florence but there is nowhere like Venice. Yes, it's expensive and you can't eat well (IME anyway), but oh God the light and the water and the buildings... It is spellbinding.

I found there was plenty to see, but I went mainly for the art Bienale, which kept me massively busy. I'm sure there's tons to see and do even in non-Bienale years, though. And next year will be the architecture one, and the film festival runs every year too.

NotCitrus Thu 28-Sep-17 17:02:57

What a wonderful dilemma to have!
I'd go to whichever of Venice or Florence has most convenient flights from where you are. Don't bother with NY and jet lag for 4 days if you don't have to.

I've spent a week in Florence and didn't get to see some things we wanted to, but 5 days in Venice was just about enough - though a couple days more pottering would have been fab.

Just avoid the overpriced tourist trap restaurants in either one, round San Marco/ the Duomo.

SooticaTheWitchesCat Sat 30-Sep-17 17:55:37

I have been to both and they are both beautiful. Loads to see in both cities and I would happily visit both again.

massistar Tue 03-Oct-17 14:16:26

Venice every time. Florence is beautiful but for sheer otherworldly magic it has to be Venice. Not in high summer though when it's overrun by tourists and too hot.

Oh and there are plenty places where you can eat well and drink Aperol spritz for 2 euros. Just not in Piazza San Marco!

semideponent Tue 03-Oct-17 14:20:13

If you're going in October, definitely Venice. Otherwise Florence.

NY wouldn't be my pick. Too much noise and too many cars, plus bad jet lag on return.

semideponent Tue 03-Oct-17 14:21:46

If you do pick Venice, it's well worth springing for a high-speed water taxi from the airport to the city - really good fun and gets it off to a great start.

Singap0reSling Tue 03-Oct-17 14:26:54

@semideponent where do you catch the water taxi from please? Do you have a rough idea of the cost? We're flying into Marco Polo airport, 4 of us.

The bus options have around an hour apparently.

PerfumeIsAMessage Tue 03-Oct-17 14:34:33

Florence every time. Venice can be done in a day if you go to Verona instead. Pisa can be done from Florence.
I'd choose NY but that's what you get from being in Italy since 1994 I suppose! grin

RhiannonOHara Tue 03-Oct-17 16:23:19

Oh and there are plenty places where you can eat well and drink Aperol spritz for 2 euros. Just not in Piazza San Marco!

I didn't just try eating in Piazza San Marco! Tried loads of places and came across sliced olives out of tins, microwaved 'baked' dishes, indifferent toasted sandwiches... I'm thinking of going again in the spring and would love some tips on nice places to eat decently (not fancily).

fessmess Tue 03-Oct-17 16:33:24

I've been to both and Florence was more romantic for me. Also, if you like architecture and museums etc I would go Florence.

massistar Wed 04-Oct-17 11:46:55

RhiannonOHara.. my DH is from Mestre, just outside Venice so have some good tips. I'll PM you. Apologies if I sounded snippy.. ;-)

RhiannonOHara Wed 04-Oct-17 11:52:58

No, you didn't, massistar! And tips from a local would be fantastic –thanks so much. thanks

Ttbb Wed 04-Oct-17 11:59:53

If you like art then Florence hands down. It's a bit decrepit but if you stick to the old town there's plenty to do for four days and the food is decent.

TheNaze73 Wed 04-Oct-17 12:01:15

Lived in Italy for 6 months in the 90’s and that is a tough call! I think Florence would just edge it for me

Spudlet Wed 04-Oct-17 12:09:55

Florence can be so crowded and humid (I've nevertheless been to a Venice but I'd expect it to be very similar) so it all depends on whether you want a break that is about Seeing All The Things, or one which is a bit more leisurely. If you like just wandering, sitting and people watching, I'd recommend Lucca or Siena - both smaller, both beautiful, and just that bit more laid back - with the understanding that while both have beautiful and interesting bits of art and culture to see, they don't have the Uffizi or equivalent. However for me, the people watching and just being in Italy outweighs that.

However if you want to have loads of museums, galleries etc, then Florence is the best bet (or Venice I'm sure, I just haven't been there like I said).

If you do Foorence, I strongly recommend that you see the Boboli gardens, which are beautiful, and climb to the top of the cathedral - it's a bit tight getting up there by the view is work it every time smile

Nice dilemma to have, enjoy wherever you end up!

Spudlet Wed 04-Oct-17 12:10:55

Ffs autocorrect. never been to Venice, not nevertheless. And I've no idea where Foorence is confused

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