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Lisbon or Seville in April?

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poppym12 Mon 25-Sep-17 10:53:43

Does anyone have any experience of either city in spring? (4-6 day break for 2 adults ).

Ricekrispie22 Mon 25-Sep-17 18:54:05

Seville knows how to celebrate Easter in style, but look up about Holy Week events to find out whether you want to be in the city then.

poppym12 Mon 25-Sep-17 20:39:36

Ah, thank you ricekrispie. It seems that the festivals in Seville are mainly for local people so it may not be the best time to go (I hadn't even thought about it being easter blush). Looks like Lisbon then ☺

LouiseBrooks Mon 25-Sep-17 20:47:03

Holy Week isn't just for locals, it's a huge tourist attraction (and don't forget there will also be a version of it in Lisbon) but it does mean prices rocket. However 'spring" isn't just Easter. Go before or after.

Having visited both (outside Easter), I'd say Lisbon is lovely, but Seville will knock your socks off.

poppym12 Mon 25-Sep-17 20:59:47

Unfortunately, due to work commitments, we need to travel Easter weekend. I'm thinking Lisbon in April and Seville in maybe September as I really fancy both.

LouiseBrooks Mon 25-Sep-17 21:08:18

Seville will be extortionate at Easter. Late September will still be pretty hot if you go then.

I'm sure you'll enjoy both cities.

poppym12 Mon 25-Sep-17 21:13:40

Just found the Lisbon flights so April is sorted. Now to look for flights to Seville later in the year. Do you recommend staying in any particular area or is it all lovely?

HoneyWheeler Mon 25-Sep-17 21:20:31

We stayed in Biarro Alto which was fantastic from a location point of view but SO LOUD. I wouldn't recommend it as there are bars and people yelling from 8pm to 3am. Go there to visit, or for a night out but don't stay there!

poppym12 Mon 25-Sep-17 21:30:52

Probably not an ideal place for a non drinker who needs a lot of sleep then grin

poppym12 Tue 26-Sep-17 09:48:52

I've booked a place in Chiado but just reading about it, it's 400m from Biarro Alto. Noise travels well over 400m when you're trying to sleep doesn't it? I may have stuffed up.....

HoneyWheeler Wed 27-Sep-17 12:20:04

I think that will be ok! Does the time lace have shutters? We found they really blocked out a surprising amount of noise

poppym12 Wed 27-Sep-17 23:52:21

I think so, it's a very old building. I always carry earplugs when I travel anyway grin.

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