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Villa/bungalow as part of hotel - for summer

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sniffydog Wed 06-Sep-17 20:08:27

Just back from one holiday and I'm onto next year! But what we're after seems weirdly hard to find...

With 3 kids (10, 8 & 4) that all want to make friends around the pool we've gone the hotel route recently but still want some space and a little privacy. Ideally something with little 2-3 bed villas/bungalows/cottages rather than apartments. But use of hotel pool, restaurant etc. There are plenty of aparthotels but most seem to be pretty high-rise with not much space.

Location is open, we'll work back from the hotel. As long as it's short haul and has nice beaches, not too manic. We've been to Zante for the last 3 years running and need a change.

Oh, and not crazy £££ please. I've seen a few suggestions that look great for a cheeky £10k a week or somesuch.

Any suggestions hugely appreciated.

hifi Wed 06-Sep-17 20:44:22
linked to Be Live hotel. you will probably need a car though.

sniffydog Wed 06-Sep-17 21:11:54

hifi we've actually stayed there once! Only for a night on our way through. We did villas in Mallorca before the kids got bigger and demanded company. It was nice but it's a bit of a schlep to any nice beaches and they're absolutely heaving in august holidays. Thanks anyway.

milkjetmum Wed 06-Sep-17 21:15:59

Iberostar resorts have villa options I believe, certainly have self catering options with kitchen as we stayed in one bed flat before.

WaxOnFeckOff Wed 06-Sep-17 21:18:28

Club Alla Turka Dalyan

They have 4 villas with their own pool but you can also use the hotel pool and restaurants and eat in there on a B&B or half board basis.

WaxOnFeckOff Wed 06-Sep-17 21:22:35

Hairydilemma Wed 06-Sep-17 21:24:16

Colina Lapa in Carvoeiro, Portugal has separate semi-detached villas, really nice and spread out, with a pool, playground, tennis courts and restaurants. Was good value and villas were lovely.

noenergy Wed 06-Sep-17 22:23:02

Dar al masyaf at jumeirah Dubai have villas.

mineofuselessinformation Wed 06-Sep-17 22:34:06

No specific recommendations, but look for an aparthotel. They have apartments, but you can buy into the food packages if you want.

sniffydog Thu 07-Sep-17 10:38:36

Thanks for the replies.

WaxOn - AllaTurca looks nice. The villas look a bit exposed. Do they have much privacy? Is the beach nearby nice?

Hairydilemma - that looks really nice but is only coming up with villa with private pool (for £2900pw) or one bedroom apartments in August. Do they have anything in between? I've always worried that Algarve beaches are a bit cold and wild for the kids. Are they nice near there?

PerfumeIsAMessage Thu 07-Sep-17 10:48:29

Hotel Cala Galdana Menorca. Just got back. We were in hotel but there were villas in the grounds with families using the facilities in the hotel itself.
Was fabulous!

WaxOnFeckOff Thu 07-Sep-17 10:56:17

They are more private than you think as the pools are not all facing each other and also only 2 were occupied when we were there. We were in villa 2 - it was lovely. What isn't shown is that it also has a basement (with hopper windows so it's light) with sofa beds in it. DH used that as his exercise room! Our pool looked towards the back of one of the other villas and the one to the side of ours we also looked onto the back of. The roads are very very quite so there is no real passing traffic or people going past.

It's a short walk over to the hotel and they give you a code for the back gate to make it shorter. It's a nice walk into Dalyan along the river though the hotel does a little shuttle bus. We booked half board but would maybe just do B&B if we went back as you can pay a flat rate (think it was 10 euros/40 lira?) to eat there anyway. So i'd probably do that and eat there some of the nights. It was buffet style and some nights they had a bbq which I'd recommend. Generally cheap to eat out.

The beach is georgeous - it goes in an arc with the river banks on one side and the sea on the other. You can get a dolmus to one end or the boat down to the other. Technically you can walk along but it was too hot for us to do that so we did days at either end. Dalyan is lovely little town, it has a square with restaurants and bars but nothing high rise, no clubbing type places so it's nice and quite. There is a playpark in the square too but my teens weren't too interested in that!

Short transfer too.

Google iztuzu beach for images smile

Great place for boat trips and the jeep safari is a great trip too.

purplecorkheart Thu 07-Sep-17 11:05:07

Los Fariones in Lanzarote have bungalows onsite. The one I stayed in was two bed but there may also be three bed. The hotel itself and the pool maybe a bit quiet for the kids but you can also use the pool of the Los Fariones apartments complex.two minutes down the road

Hairydilemma Thu 07-Sep-17 16:14:55

Hi sniffy, there were no villas with private pools there as far as I know - are you looking at the right place? It's Colina da Lapa, I've realised, sorry, got the name wrong. This place:;label=hotel-39096-pt-umIO93Qq9H831ApFt%2AiiOQSM169279864735%3Apl%3Ata%3Ap1%3Ap2%3Aac%3Aap1t3%3Aneg%3Afi%3Atiaud-285284110726%3Akwd-1662034832%3Alp1006518%3Ali%3Adem%3Adm;sid=9a4033272a33e2f6533214a6bd8aa267;dist=0;hapos=1;m_occ=2;room1=A%2CA;sb_price_type=total;type=total;ucfs=1&

It certainly wasn't £2900 or we wouldn't have been there! grin

We had a two bed villa which slept 5 of us - was lovely, on two stories with big lounge and lots of space.

Tobuyornot99 Thu 07-Sep-17 16:16:56

Most of Fuertaventura is low rise / bungalow complexes, with communal pools etc. Really inexpensive too.

sniffydog Mon 11-Sep-17 19:04:14

Thanks so much for the suggestions. I meant to say we've done the Canaries a few times and are a bit over them.

It's a toss up between
- Dalyan. Ala Turca looks great but flights aren't great times/prices at this stage so will have to wait for Easyjet to extort us again release summer holiday flights...
- Kefalonia. We went there pre-kids and it's lovely but haven't quite found the perfect hotel
- Pollenca. Friends have all recommended the area but haven't found ideal hotel.
- Corsica. Have found a great campsite with bungalows but it's a bit big (100 tents/cabins) and DW has a thing about mosquitos...

Any thoughts?

Hairydilemma Tue 12-Sep-17 16:37:42

My only contribution on Pollenca was that we couldn't find any accommodation for a family of five (though I know friends have found villas on owners direct).

Not been to any of the others, so no help there, sorry.

Good luck finding your holiday! I love holidays but the searching can be frustrating!

sniffydog Sun 17-Sep-17 18:35:29

Still on the horns of this dilemma.
The boss not so keen on Dalyan. Can't find the right hotel in Kefalonia. And camping feels a bit hectic. It's about size as much as anything. Trying to find something big enough for the kids to make a few friends but small enough so that we know where they are at any one time if we're having a bottle glass of wine in the evening...

After reading a lot of posts I'm coming around to Menorca but still can't find a nice hotel with 2-bed apartments/villas that's reasonable and not a big high-rise thing.

The only other place that flights are good for at the moment is Zante - where we've been for the last 3 years! I never saw us as the kind of people that go to the same place every year but - having seen how hard it is to fund the perfect hotel - I can see how people do it.

CreativeMumma Fri 22-Sep-17 22:07:11

Sniffydog I was wondering if you found anywhere? Can I be cheeky & ask where you stayed in zante?

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