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Holiday parks in the Netherlands

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niwi1 Sat 29-Jul-17 15:09:08

I really fancy going to a holiday park in the Netherlands with the family but when searching there are actually lots of options so I wondered if anyone had a recommendation. Kids will be 5 and 3. We would want a cabin or bungalow and for there to be a kids pool and playground on site, Within a short distance to nice towns or places to visit would be ideal. We will be driving from Calais so flights and transfers are not an issue. Has anyone been to Landals or any of the Eurocamps?

Any recommendations greatly received!

JudyBlumeForever Sat 29-Jul-17 15:11:04

Not a holiday camp recommendation but go and visit the Efteling.

FieryWill Sat 29-Jul-17 18:33:19

Duinrell is fab! In a lovely town, near beach, near Leiden a nice canal town, and day-trippable to Amsterdam. Umpteen playgrounds, water park and theme park on site 😊

FieryWill Sat 29-Jul-17 18:36:54

There's a nice holiday village in the Efteling - Bosrijk village. Also Beekse Bergen has a safari park and playground on site which we enjoyed. Duinrell has lovely places around to visit though, we never really found so many lovely places around the Efteling or Beekse Bergen.

Bokbok Sat 29-Jul-17 18:43:00

Hof van Saksen is one of the Landal Green Parks and is brilliant for toddlers. It's all really organised and easy when you get there.

We had a car for the second week and there are lots of nice towns nearby to visit. Also lots of walking and cycling in woods.

Bokbok Sat 29-Jul-17 18:43:57

Forgot to say there's a swimming pool complex and a man made lake with a beach you can swim at

AMouseLivedinaWindMill Sat 29-Jul-17 20:16:41

Oh goodness efteling! And it's so close in Netherlands to get everywhere. You could combine it with another camp somewhere but it's top quality there, no mouldy mattress in mobile homes grin perfect ages for your dc too.

Girlscout1910 Sun 30-Jul-17 09:41:40

Look at roompot holidays. We had a fantastic October week in cadzandbad which is close to Belgium on the coast. The site was great for children with the beach only a 5 min walk away. They do discount if you take preschoolers of over 50's

JolieColombe Sun 30-Jul-17 09:45:45

The holiday village at Kijkduin is nice, and very easy to get the The Hague from there. Lovely beach, and nice places to take the kids nearby, like Madurodam.

meala Sun 30-Jul-17 10:08:00

Just back from a holiday at Landal Rabbit hill in the Netherlands. It was lovely. The park has an outdoor and indoor swimming pool, indoor soft play, tennis, football pitch, playing fields, air trampoline and numerous play parks dotted around the site.
We stayed in a six person bungalow and it was lovely. They each have some outdoor garden space and are set in the forest.
You can hire bikes ( we took our own) and family pedal carts at the site. There are forest cycle paths from the site itself and villages nearby within cycling distance.
We paid £399 for a week accommodation so it's really good value.

Nearby we did day trips to Efteling, the Burgers zoo, Open air museum and the national park. All were excellent.

Would definitely recommend!!

fabbradoodle Sun 30-Jul-17 10:15:04

We second Landal Rabbit Hill, we went 2 years ago with a 2 and 9 year old. Best holiday ever, my dds still talk about it today. smile

VinoEsmeralda Sun 30-Jul-17 10:15:16

Another vote for Landal but Hoog Vaals which is near the three country point ( Belgium, Germany and Netherlands). Car free park with loads for kids ( and v nice beauty treatments). Kast week of sumner hols 3bed house is €349 ( google 'landal greenparc kortings code' should give you €100 off)

SweetieBaby Sun 30-Jul-17 10:16:13

Duinrell is excellent. Close to the Hague, beaches and Amsterdam about an hour's drive. Has a swimming pool complex and theme park (quite small but lots to do) attached.

Soslowmo Sun 30-Jul-17 10:34:42

We're off to Duinrell next week - heard lots of good reviews on it.

snowgirl1 Sun 30-Jul-17 17:00:00

We went to Landal Het Vennenbos a couple of years ago when DD was 2 and loved it - it was our first holiday of this type. There were red squirrels around, which was really lovely to see. The year after we went to Center Parcs De Kempervennen, which we also enjoyed. Both have small petting zoos and, I'd say, both sites would be good for the ages of your children.

Petalflowers Sun 30-Jul-17 17:02:56

Another vote for Duinrell. There's a theme park next door which you can use plus a swimming complex. There's a lovely sandy beach not too far away, plus Amsterdam is within easily reach.

IAdoreEfteling Sun 30-Jul-17 18:26:59

meala that is excellent! I didnt find anything that cheap when I was looking!

SolomanDaisy Sun 30-Jul-17 18:32:03

I've been to Duinrell, Hof van Saksen, several Landals, Center Parcs and some private places. All of them were fine and had swimming pools and play parks. It depends how much you want to spend and what facilities you'd like. Hof van Saksen is more expensive, but worth it I think.

meala Sun 30-Jul-17 19:41:19

IadoreEfteling, we went in Scottish school holidays so start date was actually 30th June which made it so cheap smile

Howmanysleepstilchristmas Mon 14-Aug-17 14:13:31

De twee bruggen. Great playground, pool with huge water slide suitable for that age. Petting zoo with very tame deer next to the site shop. V inexpensive cycle hire and canoe hire from the site. Bergers zoo nearby is amazing. Went last year with 3,4,9 and 10yo dc- they all loved it and so did we.

JaneAustenFanClub Sun 20-Aug-17 11:57:36

These places sound lovely but are any of them ok with public transport? Both to get there initially and for the excursions?

rosy71 Tue 22-Aug-17 17:34:01

duinrell is totally doable without a car. Fly to Amsterdam, then taxi to duinrell or train to den Hagg & bus.

Whilst there, hire bikes to get to the beach, the town of Wassenaar is opposite the park & there are excellent buses.

bruffin Tue 22-Aug-17 17:38:39

A lot of the Landals are old Centetparcs.
Can recommend Centerparcs and Duinrell, as well as De Eftling ( although havnt stayed there )

We went to CP every year when the dc were younger and they really loved it.

PickyParent Mon 28-Aug-17 19:25:54

Center Parcs at Port Zelande is the loveliest place! Beautiful pastel-coloured chalets, some of them are right on the marina. There's a small beach on the park, as well as bikes, indoor and outdoor pool with wave machine and slides, crazy golf, indoor gokarts, loads of nice places to eat, and then the proper beach 10 mins walk away. You can walk/bike/drive for several miles along the dyke and stop for a run around on the sandy beach.

It's about an hour from Amsterdam and two from Bruges. Highly recommended smile

Doowappydoo Mon 28-Aug-17 19:32:02

Just back from Duinrell, overall good but hated the pool. It was really crowded, not well supervised, big groups of young lads jumping around in the wave pool oblivious to little ones. My 9 yr old DS who is a swimming slide nut wanted to go after 10 mins. Town and beach are lovely.

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