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Weekend in Sorrento

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StiffyByng Sun 16-Jul-17 20:13:54

We're heading to Sorrento for a weekend in October. Flight lands around 10.30 on Friday morning, and we'll hire a car from Naples (DH has done this before - rather him than me!). So hopefully some of Friday, and then flight back late on Sunday.

I am desperate to see Herculaneum and would like to see Pompeii too if possible. Can both be done in a day? We're both willing to put in the hours and have walking stamina.

And any ideas on where to stay? And eat? We would like somewhere luxurious but not top end (max £400 for two nights) - is this achievable?

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Mon 17-Jul-17 07:43:17

Watching with interest as we are thinking of going next Easter. Do you know if you are able to pre-book your tickets for Pompeii?

LoniceraJaponica Mon 17-Jul-17 07:45:43

TBH you wouldn't see very much if you try and squeeze both in in one day. I don't envy you the driving. It is mental round there.

Ginorchoc Mon 17-Jul-17 07:46:02

Following as we are going for a week in 3 weeks.

Ginorchoc Mon 17-Jul-17 07:47:00

Lots of pre book Pompeii options online.

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Mon 17-Jul-17 07:55:26

Is driving there that bad? I've travelled a bit on the trains in Italy, would that be doable or do you need a car?

Sorry for the thread hijack OP thanks

Ikillallplants Mon 17-Jul-17 08:00:14

Ginorchoc drive down to Paestum. There are amazing Greek temples spread over quite a large area. I was there in August and it was almost empty.

scrappydappydoo Mon 17-Jul-17 08:22:07

We did Sorrento at Easter. I wouldn't bother with a car - the trains are quick, cheap, and easy to use. They drop you right at entrance for Pompeii and just down road from Herculaneum. We did separate days but I guess you could do a long day with both (and it would be a lot of walking). You can buy a ticket that covers both sites. Look up opening times but I would get to Pompeii first right when it opens as it's the busier site and get on one of the official tours (ours was excellent and a great overview of the site) as you're doing both you'll just have to accept that you won't see everything but you'll still have an amazing time.

LIZS Mon 17-Jul-17 08:31:47

Herculaneum can easily be done in 2-3 hours but Pompeii took us over 5. You could do them in one day especially if it is a bit cooler and you limit your route at Pompeii but it will be a lot of walking. Both have great downloadable guides and maps. Check the opening hours as in summer it is 8:30 until well into evening at Pompeii so you could arrive mid afternoon and it be less crowded but hours may be shorter in October. If your time is limited I wouldn't bother with the faff of car hire. Get a taxi transfer and use trains/buses to get around. The roads are very congested around Sorrento.

Ginorchoc Mon 17-Jul-17 08:33:57

Thank you ikillallplants I'd not heard of it so I'll put that down as a to do. Appreciate it.

kikisparks Mon 17-Jul-17 08:37:25

I know people who have done both but we did separate days, it was hot and we were exhausted for both. We took the official guide at Pompeii and the audio guide at Herculaneum, took about 3 hours each. I would definitely recommend some kind of guide as there's not much by way of explanatory placards so you'll just be looking at ruins without knowing what it is.

LoniceraJaponica Mon 17-Jul-17 09:31:21

Yes to a guide. They point out things that you would never know, and are really interesting.

rookiemere Mon 17-Jul-17 09:43:19

We've not been yet so my response is limited to what I have researched so far.

We're going to get a driver to take us to and from Naples airport to Sorrento. I've found a company that does it for 70 euros each way - I think that might be a good idea for yourselves as we always find hiring the car takes at least 30-60 mins or once when we went with b*starting Goldcar it took nearly 3 - fine if you are there for a week, but not so much if time is precious.

They also recommend doing Pompeii on your way to Sorrento, which will add extra to your car hire cost - ours is quoting 30 euros every hour, so perhaps you could do Herculeum on the Friday when you arrive as it's meant to take less time, then save the whole of Saturday for Pompeii.

Regarding places to stay - we booked through and there seems to be loads of highly rated places. Our requirements were different as we're with DS so need more than one sleeping area. As we're not hiring a car we were keen to have somewhere near the train station - also if you do hire a car you'll find a lot of places charge 15-30 euros for overnight parking.

canihaveacoffeeplease Mon 17-Jul-17 10:49:50

We spent half a day at Herculaneum, but 2 full days at Pompeii (ancient history degree, don't expect everyone would do so much!(, I think you'd miss so so much if you tried to do both in 1 day. They are both absolutely incredible.

Sorry to is just wonderful, consider getting the circumvesuviana train to Pompeii from sorrento, really convenient and cheap and so much easier than trying to find parking.

We got a hire car and drove from Rome (a few stops on the way) but when we were in sorreto we just parked it and left it mostly and used the train to get to most sites, Naples etc.

canihaveacoffeeplease Mon 17-Jul-17 10:51:08

Oh and yes, the driving was horrific.

StiffyByng Mon 17-Jul-17 13:26:44

Thanks so much for all the replied.

On hotels, I'd looked at Booking.Com but there's so much on there I wondered if anyone had a personal recommendation. We're not sold on Sorrento actually, it just seems to be where people stay to 'do' Pompeii - if there's a better place (although still a nice hotel) I'd love to know.

Doing one on Friday and one on Saturday definitely sounds like the plan, leaving us Sunday to relax. So a train from airport to one or other and then a train onwards to Sorrento is doable? Car hire sounds incredibly expensive, and you're quite right about the time faffing.

I'm hoping it'll be cooler by the end of October. I also have a classics background so I really would like to see lots. I'm also interested in Paestum but fear DH might flag - and to be fair, we could both do with one of these days just being chilled, with a nice long lunch.

LoniceraJaponica Mon 17-Jul-17 13:30:35

Could you dtay in Naples instead? Sorrento is a bit out of the way if you are only going for a couple of nights and want to see Herculaneum and Pompeii.

StiffyByng Mon 17-Jul-17 13:41:24

I've never heard particularly positive things about Naples as a place to stay to be honest. Am I very wrong?

scrappydappydoo Mon 17-Jul-17 13:55:03

We didn't do it but apparently a lot of the artifacts recovered from Pompeii and Herculaneum are in the museum in Naples so if you want to see those it maybe with a visit too.

StiffyByng Mon 17-Jul-17 14:42:32

I think we want at least some of the weekend just to do nothing so probably not the museum this time.

Ginorchoc Mon 17-Jul-17 14:59:29

My parents went to Naples and hated it! However they also don't like London anymore, they are from London and left 40 years ago.

We are also going to Capri OP if that's something you're thinking of, supposed to be a good trip?

LIZS Mon 17-Jul-17 15:02:47

Capri is an expensive trip. Fare from Sorrento was over 30e each! Plus anything you decide to do there and the funicular up to the town. Pleasant but packed.

StiffyByng Mon 17-Jul-17 15:09:15

I don't think we'll have time for Capri sadly. I did wonder briefly whether we could stay there but it would clearly be an enormous faff!

Madbengalmum Mon 17-Jul-17 15:14:47

The Amalfi coast itself is beautiful, i am perfectly happy just t enjoy the views and atmosphere, trying to do Pompei et al is not only exhausting, you need more time. Capri is beautiful as is the lesser know Ischia, i would visit there.

StiffyByng Mon 17-Jul-17 15:18:49

I am rather set on Pompeii I'm afraid. It's my on my wish list since I was a teenager. And this is a very rare child-free weekend. I can't see myself getting back to Italy for quite a few more years.

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