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Gran Canaria

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Jultay Fri 30-Jun-17 00:10:14

Which part is best .... thinking Puerto Rico .... like plenty going on but not rowdy with lots of shops bars restaurants .... any advice would be helpful x

whosafraidofabigduckfart Fri 30-Jun-17 00:16:22

I've stayed in Mogan which was lovely.

I've also stayed in melonoras (Baobab lopesan) which was gorgeous.

It depends what you want

Jultay Sat 01-Jul-17 09:24:30

We want somehere with lots going on but not 18/30 scene ... lovely beaches lots of bars and restaurants x

GetHappy Sat 01-Jul-17 19:48:02

I have been recommended to go maspalomas.

macnab Tue 04-Jul-17 16:42:51

Depends on the time of year, but Puerto Rico would be more 'rowdy' than other resorts and not as nice. Mogan is beautiful but very quiet. Maspalomas is lovely and probably fits what you're looking for. You could stretch your budget and stay in Meloneras as a previous poster suggested (its basically a newer extension of Maspalomas, very upmarket hotels & restaurants and a beautiful promenade)

Feel free to ask more questions, we've been there a lot!

uncoolnn Tue 04-Jul-17 17:25:35

As PP have said Puerto Rico has lots going on and plenty to do but isn't as nice as some of the other resorts. Maspalomas is lovely smile

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