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Ibiza with children in August - awful or nice?

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sanitygirl Wed 28-Jun-17 14:46:07

I've found some cheap Easyjet flights to Ibiza in August - I've never been, so wondering if it would be possible to avoid the clubbing lot and find a quieter place to stay. It would be myself, 10 year old and 7 year old - we're happy as long as there's a pool and a small town to wander around. We'd go for around 5 nights. Accommodation needs to be fairly cheap. Am I hoping for the impossible or does anyone have any recommendations?

ijustwannadance Wed 28-Jun-17 14:51:12

Main clubbing bit is in San Antonio bay by harbour end. There are some lovely places around the island though and beautiful beaches.

Wattyyyy Wed 28-Jun-17 14:53:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MyAngels Thu 29-Jun-17 09:56:21

We have holidayed in Ibiza with kids in August many times and are going back there this year with our DC aged 10 and 7. We always stay in Portinatx in the north - lovely beaches and well away from the hustle and bustle.
We have also stayed in Cala Vadella which was also lovely and quiet, and this year we are doing a 3 stay holiday in Cala Lleya, San Miguel and Portinatx.

Finding available accommodation for August might be your only issue at this stage, but larger places like Santa Eulalia might be fine still.

Avoid San Antonio - even for a day trip (we did a boat trip there from Portinatx) - dirty and without any redeeming features in my view.

Taxis from the airport are convenient and not too expensive and the public bus service is very good.

Have a great time

sanitygirl Thu 29-Jun-17 10:15:05

Thanks all. MyAngels - I've had a look online for accommodation but everything looks so expensive. Can I ask how you booked yours? Where in Portinatx do you stay?

MyAngels Thu 29-Jun-17 12:41:00

Yes, I'm not surprised that finding accommodation at a reasonable price is tricky - I struggled a bit and we booked in February (and its why we are going to three places this year - there were only 4 nights available in Portinatx when we are going, so had to look round for other places for the other 10 nights).

In Portinatx we are staying here this year as seems cheap and cheerful, the previous places we have stayed (like Hotel Oasis) were full. There are other apartments there though - I use, or Trivago and was also looking on AirBnB, but even that might not be too cheap.
I hope you find something.

sanitygirl Thu 29-Jun-17 13:53:10

Thanks so much MyAngels that's really helpful. The Portinatx apartments (and the sister hotel La Ciguena) look perfect. I think I will be better off getting organised and booking a holiday for October or May half term rather than paying over the odds for a less than ideal place in August. Does anyone know how the weather is then? Presumably still warm enough to enjoy?

Helipad Sat 01-Jul-17 19:20:35

We were in Ibiza last August, my boys were 5 and 8. It was super hot, too hot during the day do anything but just swim and sunbathe. Ibiza Old Town was lovely and kids enjoyed climbing on top of Dalt Vila. But this had to happen in the evening as it was too hot during the day.

Ibiza is expensive though, I popped over to a small beach bar one evening (on Play d'en Bossa) and glass of apple juice was 15 euros!

lucy101101 Sat 01-Jul-17 19:23:05

You can also get the ferry (very short ride) over to Fomentera which is lovely for children, amazing beaches and much quieter than Ibiza.

salsamummy Wed 12-Jul-17 23:06:45

Going tomorrow with my 10 year old and staying in es canar. Going all inclusive so thankfully won't need much cash.

juneau Thu 13-Jul-17 08:00:14

We just got back from four days in Ibiza. It's absolutely beautiful and I highly recommend it. Lovely beaches, warm, turquoise sea, etc. It was really hot during the day. We were staying in a villa and we hung around until about 5pm to take the kids down to the beach. Before that it was swimming and sitting in shady spots to avoid us all getting sunburnt/sun stroke. Our friends own the villa and said Easter, May and Oct are the best times to go - still lovely, great for sightseeing and not too hot.

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