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If I like Puerto pollensa in majorca.....

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Magnolia12345 Sun 25-Jun-17 13:20:58

Looking for somewhere to go to get some sunshine in the October school holidays. There will be 3 generations and children will be aged 8,5 and 6 months. We love Puerto pollensa in majorca but had thought about the canaries at this time of year for guaranteed sunshine. We've never been before....any recommendations on resorts we might like? Somewhere with pool, beach, nice promenade, not looking for nightclubs/loud karaoke bars etc.
Had also wondered about crete? Have been there before and like it a lot....but never in Oct. Are things still open? Is weather good?
Ok thanks...see what you can come up with for me!

Magnolia12345 Mon 26-Jun-17 10:49:04


LaFlottes Tue 27-Jun-17 10:12:18

I've heard that Cape Verde is nice at that time of year with good beaches. I've not been but friends have. Might be worth a look!

Meeep Tue 27-Jun-17 10:18:02

People I know who have liked PP have also liked Playa Blanca but I have been to neither myself!

Magnolia12345 Tue 27-Jun-17 11:31:42

Thanks I'll have a look at both suggestions 👍

20thcenturybitch Tue 27-Jun-17 11:43:46

Puerto de Mogán on the south coast of Gran Canaria. Guaranteed weather and it's a bit less built up and noisy than nearby Puerto Rico and Maspalomas. Although you have much better access to fantastic beaches at the latter and there are are some lovely family resorts.

A1Sharon Thu 29-Jun-17 06:26:03

I too love PP, and although not quite as nice we have been to Playa Blanca also, although a bit further on to Playa Flamingo area.
No noisy nightclubs, lovely walk along the coast, restaurants etc. I think the food in general in Lanzarote is a bit rubbish, was finesround here. It's nice.

SummerKelly Thu 29-Jun-17 06:41:08

We have been to Playa Blanca, also liked Cala d'Or/Cala Egos in Mallorca and Es Cana in Ibiza. All Mumsnet recommendations at some point.

Fink Thu 29-Jun-17 06:44:37

Crete is gorgeous in October, much better than in the heat of summer. Yes, most things are still up and running. Really recommend getting out of the big English resorts (e.g. Malia) and around the island, there are some fabulous areas.

lolalotta Thu 29-Jun-17 06:48:00

Following x

rhodes2015 Thu 29-Jun-17 07:03:15

We like correlejo in fuetaventura.
We went in October 2years ago and the weather was lovely!
There is some lovely beaches and really nice to go and see the sand dunes.
It's not clubby and There's plenty of restaurants and bars not only running along the front but they have a lovely "music square" which feel really traditional.
We went with my parents in law who are massive puerta Pollensa fans (we have never been so can't compare) but they both really enjoyed correlejo and we are all thinking of returning next June.
I do love Crete though but have only visited in June.

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