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Anyone been to Matinhal Sagres?

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ChippaChoc Wed 21-Jun-17 15:35:20

Thinking of booking for October half term and wondered if anyone can share their experiences? Especially in terms of which rooms / accommodation is best (me, DH and DCs aged 5&2)

We would really like to do water skiing also but doesn't look like they do it there...anyone know if that's something that can be found nearby?

Am i right in thinking that all activities are paid for as an extra at the resort other than kids club?

Fleurchamp Wed 21-Jun-17 15:45:42

I went last year when DS was 10 months and going back in September with DS and as yet unborn DC2.

We stayed in a garden villa last year which was great - 2 bedroom with a little garden area (not fenced off though) with a pool very close by. This year we are staying in an ocean villa (an upside down house) as DS would be off wandering out of the garden and it will be nice to have a sea view.

Everything seems to be paid for additionally - I think the kids club is only free over winter and I am not sure whether half term falls during this period. Their website has the kids club fees on it.

As for water skiing - I am not sure but I would advise phoning/ emailing them as the staff are really helpful.

PurpleAlerts Fri 30-Jun-17 09:01:31

Can't really comment upon the accommodation there. It is a lovely resort but just to warn you that the weather can be very hit and miss in the Algarve at the end of October particularly the further west you go.

I am often in the Algarve October half term as have a place there and I can't remember a time where at the end of October there wasn't at least two rainy/ cloudy days each week.

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