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Greece with older kids 13,10,8 -where to start

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bitofabelly Mon 12-Jun-17 19:18:26

Would love some advice..serial holiday planner here!! Like to plan ahead and would love then idea of Greece in 2018...if we don't todo USA/ Croatia/ Slovenia.

Where do I start...we love moving around...looking for culture, fun activities, beautiful scenery...gorgeous villages. Love the beauty of Santorini in pictures.

Not pub people, like good food.

Like the idea of water the idea of a few destinations within a holiday to have different experiences.

What area in Greece or beyond should we consider to get the most out of a 2 week holiday? I just haven't a clue where to start.

Happy to rent a car and travel.

Any ideas of an itinerary?

Much appreciated.

mummymeister Tue 13-Jun-17 11:37:33

We went to crete with our teens. we stayed in a fantastic villa with huge pool above elounda which is in the East. if I went again I would do one week in the east and one week in the west. very easy place to tour around and see things.

The photos don't really do it justice. would certainly go back both to crete and to this villa.

bitofabelly Tue 13-Jun-17 11:50:44

Wow...that villa is stunning....

SnotGoblin Tue 13-Jun-17 12:27:24

Why don't you choose an island group then hop around them on the ferries? The Cyclades is probably the easiest/most popular. The ferry rides are short and all add to the adventure of it. Different cultural landmarks to check out depending on which one you land on etc.

samlovesdilys Wed 14-Jun-17 20:46:10

Have you considered a cruise??!!

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