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Tenerife hotel recommendations

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Alfiemoon1 Sat 10-Jun-17 20:11:37

Looking to take the kids 15 and 12 to Tenerife Siam park area any recommendations of nice reasonably priced all inclusive hotels please

Trampire Sat 10-Jun-17 20:19:01

We went to Tenerife 4 years ago with smaller kids and did Siam Park, sea-trips, Volcano trips etc. We stayed here

It was lovely. Really enjoyed it. However we went under the Thompson Sensatori package which I think is above average price-wise. However, booking direct it may be even more reasonable?

Alfiemoon1 Sat 10-Jun-17 21:44:25

Thanks will have a look

youarenotkiddingme Sat 10-Jun-17 22:24:15

I'd have a look at Los Cristianos, fañabe and Puerto Colon areas. They are all by the beach and Siam park is accessible easily by bus or taxi. But these areas are good for teens and away from the main hustle and bustle of central las Americas.

Can't recommend hotels as it's changed so much since I lived there! Or rather half the hotels are renamed as owned/ leased by tour operators or all bought out by large chains nowadays - and most are all inclusive too!

HelenMcHelen Sun 11-Jun-17 12:06:24

We took three teens (17,18,18) to Costa Adeje which is a short taxi ride from Siam Park and is not clubby like PDLA.
We stayed here
Not AI but we stayed half board and ate lunch instead of dinner then went out to eat at night. They do offer AI as do most hotels but we felt HB gave the best of both worlds. With so many great restaurants around this was much better. Also with teens they liked to go out to bars with live music rather than stay in hotel at night.
If you do go to Siam Park it's worth knowing that you can get a second visit much cheaper if you buy the tickets in the park before you leave.

youarenotkiddingme Sun 11-Jun-17 12:23:01

Torviscas is beautiful and just down the road from Puerto Colon.
There were a lot of family bars in the area and Harley's restaurant which is their version of TGI's!

mintich Sun 11-Jun-17 12:32:48

Bahia principe Costa Adele

Urglewurgle Mon 12-Jun-17 19:42:38

We go every Jan and usually do it as cheap as possible (usually no more than £400 for both of us for a week Inc flights) This year we couldn't find any cheap hotels so spent £800 on a week in the Cleopatra Palace in Las Americas, it was in a good location, right on the beach and very central but we weren't disturbed by any noise. There's some lovely bars and restaurants really close by too.

We usually stay in Costa Adeje which is quieter and more laid back. I know a few people who've stayed in the Iberostar Las Dalias (which says Las Americas but I think is more Adeje) and they loved it but there's probably less for the kids around there.
We usually meet family out there and they stay in Paradise Park in Los Cristianos which is also lovely but too claustrophobic for me, it's a bit hi -risey, but there is an adults only pool area on the roof though.

Siam Park is one of my favourite places to go! It's amazing, last year we went twice in one week. Unfortunately I was 5 weeks pg when we went this year so I'm owed a visit.

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