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Advice re booking Portaventura tickets

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DrMadelineMaxwell Sat 10-Jun-17 00:19:52

Because I'm going round and round with all the options and can't decide what's best.

I'm taking the DDs to a hotel a 10 min walk away for a week in late July. They enjoyed disneyland Paris when we went and were happy to go into the park every day, but I want to have a little more variety.

They quite like a water park, but wouldn't want to spend a lot of time there.

And we'd like to do a few other things, like a trip into Barcelona as well as exploring the local area while we are there. But going into the park in the evenings does appeal for things like the fireworks etc.

So I'm just not sure how many days entrance into the park to purchase. Any advice?

Mossend Sat 10-Jun-17 20:08:20

I got a deal through my hotel where I've got a 3 day ticket. This can be used either x 3 days in the park or 2 x days in the park and one day in the water park.
Like you we plan on doing a Barcelona day trip too.

SwiftAnchor Sat 10-Jun-17 20:10:43

What age are your DDs?

I found the park a little disappointing, lots of really big rides which my DD wasn't keen on. But we really enjoyed the water park.

We had the 3 day/2 park pass and that was plenty of time.

Groovee Sat 10-Jun-17 20:13:43

We're going in 3 weeks and got a 3 day pass included in our holiday. Previously we have had a 7 or 14 day ticket. But we do want to spend time at the hotel pool and visit Barcelona too.

Deemail Sun 11-Jun-17 11:00:56

Check the t&c's on the 3 day ticket a lot of time they've to be used consecutively or partly so. I'd go with the 7 day pass if it's still not too much more as this allows you to go in and out any non consecutively.

OhFuds Sun 11-Jun-17 11:11:33

Ferrari land has also just opened up, I was there last year when it was being built and it looked good. Look on Attractions Tickets Direct for tickets that allow you to hop over between parks.

Groovee Sun 11-Jun-17 11:57:30

You have to prebook Ferrari land. An extra £50pp it's just not worth it for us.

My 3 day ticket says it needs to be used within 7 days of first use

DrMadelineMaxwell Sun 11-Jun-17 19:43:49

2 DDs. 12 and 16

Not too fussed by Ferrari land I don't think

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