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Avoiding damage - Transporting pram

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NoomiMum Tue 23-May-17 20:27:21

Off to Spain next week and planning on travelling with car seat, uppa baby Cruz bassinet and base. Our little girl is three months old and it's our first so we are pretty clueless!
Would love to keep the pram in the best condition possible.
Would you recommend buying some sort of cover for it to go in the hold? Same for the car seat. We did think about hiring a car with a car seat but my husband is coming back a week early so I need a car seat for my parents' car.
Sage advice gratefully received!!hmm

HarryOHay Tue 23-May-17 21:11:50

Personally I'd buy an umbrella fold and leave the big pram at home. You will probably end up using it when DD is older anyway.

I've seen the state of a lot of prams after being in the hold and have never taken mine as a result!

For the car seat the best advice is to wrap it in bubble wrap and put it back into the original box. Again, I've never chanced it, just used public transport once we got there but sometimes needs must.

mitaly Thu 25-May-17 17:21:30

I had a pram that had a removebal part that could be used as a carseat for babies.

I used to put the pram in a plastic bag and tried to keep it till boarding the plane and tried to get it back under the plane after landing.

areyougoingtoeatthat Sun 28-May-17 11:23:25

I flew long haul with connecting flights guys with our uppababy vista and didn't use anything to protect it. We took it to the gates on the way out but an error on the return leg meant that it was checked through to our home airport. We had no problem on the way out but it was broken on the way back. The airline took responsibility and we had our replacement part a week later. It would have been a bigger hassle if it had broken on the way there.

You can buy a travel bag from uppababy which protects it in the hold and insures you against damage. It's pricey though at around £100. For my next flight I'm planning on using something like this which doesn't have the insurance but will hopefully protect it a bit.

areyougoingtoeatthat Sun 28-May-17 11:24:13

Sorry - don't know where the random 'guys' came from!

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