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Eurocamp longlist to slightly shorter list

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Twine88 Tue 16-May-17 11:51:56

We are considering taking the kids on a Eurocamp holiday next year, and I have read and researched and based on our kids ages of 4-7 I have shortlisted to the below sites.

Bella Italia - Lake Garda
Altomincio - Lake Garda
Marina di Venezia - Adriatic
Union Lido - Adriatic

Les Peneyrals - Dordogne
St Avit Loisirs - Dordogne
Domaine de la Rive - Gascony

We will aim to book direct rather then Eurocamp as that seems to be better for price and accommodation, but my main concern is weather and facilities as we can only go away during the May/June half term.

Has anyone been to these sites during late May/early June? Were they fully open? Pools warm enough for kids to actually enjoy? So many questions

Any additional pros and cons welcome!

AngelicCurls Tue 16-May-17 23:43:40

We're going to St Avit at the start of June so will report back, fingers crossed it's warm!

Twine88 Wed 17-May-17 09:50:35

AngelicCurls thankyou so much, I would really appreciate it. I actually spoke to a fruend yesterday who had been there in August last year, she said it was an amazing site!

I hope you have a great time - and great weather!

outnumbered38 Wed 17-May-17 09:55:02

We're going to St Avit in august, sorry that doesn't help you much.

Twine88 Wed 17-May-17 18:28:50

outnumbered38 it would be great to hear any feedback either way!

cloisonne Thu 18-May-17 13:08:09

I've been to Union Lido at May Half Term but with Gustocamp because the accommodation was better quality for the price. Definitely fully open and you would have really bad luck to have rubbish weather then. Venice was still heaving with tourists - when isn't it? We've been on plenty of short haul European May Half Term holidays and the weather has been at least in the mid 20's, if not more which is hot enough for us. We tend to aim for the Med & Southern Europe but the Adriatic was fine. Not boiling hot, less crowds and cheaper than Aug - what's not to like?

Twine88 Thu 18-May-17 17:27:47

cloisonne that's good to hear. Union Lido looks amazing, I have looked into accomodation with Eurocamp but ther seemed to be alot of poor reviews for them - Bolero seem to be preferred - but will look at Gustocamp as well. Thankyou.

AngelicCurls Tue 20-Jun-17 13:25:51

So update-St Avit was amazing, pool was great, slides perfect for our 4yo and some fast ones for older kids too. Playground was the focus in the evening and loads of kids to play with, they did a mini disco outside for them a few evenings. Park itself lovely, spotlessly clean in communal areas and pool, pizzeria was lovely and bar reasonable. Close to le bugue to drive in for supplies as the shop on site was quite dear. Area gorgeous although we only did a couple of trips out as the pool area was so fab. Our eldest also loved the kids club so maybe worthwhile booking with Eurocamp to get that? We would def go back there. Temp wise apparently we went in a bit of a heat wave but it was 28-30deg each day and the pools were like a bathsmile

frogsgoladidahdidah Tue 20-Jun-17 13:29:23

We go to Bella Italia once a year, and absolutely love it.

dingit Tue 20-Jun-17 13:39:49

Chipping in to say go canoeing up the dordogne river. Stunning scenery and you float along with the current, jumping in every so often to cool down.

MoreProseccoNow Tue 20-Jun-17 18:19:32

Great to hear that Angelic - we go there next week.

Realistically, do you think you could manage St Avit without a car?

We're flying to Bergerac (couldn't face driving from Scotland) & staying in a mobile home. Car hire seems to be around £400+ pounds for the 12 nights we were there.

So I'm wondering if getting a taxi to the site then using public transport/taxi is realistic - or not?


AngelicCurls Wed 21-Jun-17 00:11:36

Maybe, you're not that far from le bugue to call a taxi, there is a bus stop in the nearest tiny hamlet prob about 10 min walk but we never saw a bus-is a pretty rural road so guess they aren't that frequent. We hired a car for about £200 from dollar though autoeuropa-may be worth a go. Would depend I think on whether you just want to stay by the amazing pool or do any village/chateau visits. We could totally have stayed by the pool the entire hol withe just the odd short trip into le bugue which would be doable by taxi. But think going further afield to Sarlat or some of the stunning villages/castles would need a car

AngelicCurls Wed 21-Jun-17 00:13:34

Forgot to add, we flew to Bergerac as well, only about 40 mins from the site so prob doable by taxi but not sure how much the return journey would cost in France-worthwhile looking at this

MoreProseccoNow Wed 21-Jun-17 21:39:22

Thanks so much for that, it's really helpful. I think we'll probably end up hiring a car, just to give us more flexibility.

Meant to ask about wifi charges - I read something on their website about a daily charge per device?

Headfullofdreams Sun 25-Jun-17 00:01:55

If you've not already booked it try booking direct with the campsite rather than Eurocsmp. We did this in Lake Garda a few years ago and it was £800 rather than £1609 with Al Fresco. The only difference between the caravans was the Al Fresco had a sun umbrella with a logo on.

Headfullofdreams Sun 25-Jun-17 00:02:22

Eurocamp even

Stopyourmessingaround Wed 28-Jun-17 22:39:57

Went to Marina so Venezia at May half term two years ago. Had a week there after a couple of days in an apartment in Venice. We had a fantastic time - weather was really warm/hot but pools were slightly on the chilly side apart from one. It is probably one of the best sites I've stayed on (been to many Eurocamp sites across Europe) - immaculately clean (the loo blocks were manned all the time and as soon as you washed your hands, the attendant came and wiped round the sink!). Lots to do, right on the beach, nice places to eat, massive supermarket and fruit and veg shop and close enough to Punto Sabiano to get a boat over to Venice for a day trip. The only slight thing to be careful is some of the accommodation is quite far away from the pools, restaurants etc but the site's own accommodation is closer so if you book direct you'll be fine. Think that holiday was our kids' favourite (8 and 6 at the time) - lots of great memories.

outnumbered77 Sun 06-Aug-17 15:53:20

We're just back from St Avit Loisirs and really loved it. Will definitely be back but may investigate flying as the drive is very long!
Site had plenty to keep my three amused. Pools excellent and very clean. Playground and table tennis right next to the bar area which allowed us a relaxing drink every night. We booked direct with the site and the cottage (caravan) was really lovely and I was surprised to find a dishwasher too. We were able to sign up for a site card which basically was our 'tab' for the stay and useable in all the shops and bars meaning you never had to carry cash around which was also great.
Loads to do in the area too. We only managed a few trips as the kids were happy at the pool.
All in all a lovely holiday and look forward to returning.

shinook123 Sun 06-Aug-17 18:49:49

My daughter is working at Marina di Venezia at the moment.She's a courier for Eurocamp out there this summer.She says she'd never book a holiday with Eurocamp there.She's embarrassed at the state of the eurocamp caravans there.They are all about 20 years old and not in great shape.She says the Venue caravans there are amazing compared to Eurocamp.She loves the location though and says the park itself is amazing.

pinkchampagne1 Mon 07-Aug-17 15:53:34

We always book through Venue. The caravans are always spotless and they can work out cheaper than Eurocamp too.

We are thinking of booking one of the campsites in Lake Garda for next May half term (through Venue) as the prices that week are really cheap.

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