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Weather in Lanzarote?

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KeepSmiling83 Sun 07-May-17 16:09:26


I'm going to Playa Blanca in Lanzarote in May half term (very end of May into June) with my two DDs and I was just wondering what the weather will be like?

I've looked online and it says around 25 in the day but I was wondering more about the evenings? Will they need trousers on rather than dresses? I know it can be quite windy.

I've been before but it was March and we needed coats in the evening. I'm taking sun dresses and shorts and t shirts for the daytime but really unsure about the evenings!

Thank you!

Ellapaella Sun 07-May-17 16:12:25

It will be very warm. We've just got back from Lanzarote and it was about 28 degrees in the day and evenings were warm enough to sit out comfortably in just a top and light jacket.

KeepSmiling83 Sun 07-May-17 17:43:03

Thank you!

So would they be ok in bare legs? So maybe a dress with a cardigan?

ChampagneCommunist Sun 07-May-17 18:00:26

I'm going in July/August; never been before so interested to hear people's thoughts on it too

No1HolidayPlanner Sun 07-May-17 21:49:06

We are going for our 4th consecutive May half term.. 1st year was cloudy most days and cool in the evenings.. but the last 2 much sunnier.. with warmer evenings.. I wore dresses with a cardi in the evening. It can be windy. Fingers crossed for sun this year.

TheLegendOfBeans Sun 07-May-17 21:51:34


KeepSmiling83 Sun 14-May-17 12:06:13

Just bumping in case anyone else has been recently!

Angleshades Sun 14-May-17 22:10:38

I've just got back from Fuerteventura which is just south of Lanzarote. It was lovely and warm. The temperature during the day was about 26 degrees and the evenings were warm too. Some evenings I was in a summer dress without a cardigan though I'd recommend taking a light cardigan just in case.

I was expecting it to be windy but some days there was a light breeze and other days were totally still.

poisonedbypen Sun 14-May-17 22:19:28

In August it will be hot & very warm in the evening. The temperature doesn't dip much over night. Will be quite windy. Bliss

KeepSmiling83 Sat 27-May-17 08:41:20

Thank you for the replies!

We go tomorrow and the weather all week (apart from the first 2 days) is cloud! Not even sun with cloud - just thick cloud! Have packed light jackets and cardigans for us. Thanks again.

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