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Sweden in August

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DownyEmerald Sat 22-Apr-17 22:15:35

So looking forward to this! We (with 11 yr old) are staying in the Dalarna area for a week by a lake and doing the Inlandsbanen to the north. We'll be flying into Stockholm and spending a night there as well, and maybe a trip over to Narvik in Norway for a night at the top end.

Any lovely Swedes out there with some tips - any info (I know very little about Sweden) gratefully received. We are nature/hiking types travelling very light, and haven't a huge amount of money to spend!

tendence Tue 25-Apr-17 16:33:17

Dalarna is not my part of the country, but can perhaps give a few snippets of advice ;-)

For food, look out for "dagens rätt" midday - traditionally, Swedes go out for lunch and eat a proper cooked meal then, so all restaurants offer a daily special (dagens rätt) for less than SEK 100, including coffee, salad, bread etc. Cheap and nice way of filling up - you could eat something lighter in the evening.

If you haven't booked accommodation yet, check out youth hostels - they are very different to the UK ones, all offer "family rooms" and there are hardly any dorms. Some have their own showers etc, so higher standard than the UK, and you could save some money. (But, equally, a very high standard youth hostel could be almost as expensive as a chain hotel, scandic hotel or similar!)

In Stockholm, get an SL 24hour card to travel around on trains, tubes and buses as much as you want. If you get to Arlanda, there are different ways of getting into town: the Arlanda express train is super expensive, but quick; other, ordinary trains that stop at Arlanda charge extra for getting on/off at Arlanda, to pay for the building of the station (something like 80SEK extra on top of the 24 hour card). Cheapest way of getting into town is to take a bog standard bus to Marsta station (they leave every 10-15 minutes and take 15ish minutes), then there are commuter trains from Marsta to Stockholm every 10ish minutes. Takes longer though, of course.

If you are travelling there after Swedish schools have started (approx 18-20 AUgust), you could probably rent a cottage in Dalarna for a week for very little money, if you want to be based in the same place. Renting a cottage is a very popular way of holidaying in Sweden, and it's generally much less expensive than in the UK - the standard may be lower though, Swedes like to "go back to basics" in the summer, and it's not unheard of not to have a shower indoors for example.

The scenery in Dalarna is lovely, and it will still be light very late in August, enjoy it!

Inlandsbanan would be a dream for me to go on too. You'll have a great time on it, from friends who have done it I've heard that it's a very social experience too, friendly people who'll like to show you the Swedish way :-)

Happy to try to respond to any more questions you may have...

twobarnsmammisonthebus Tue 25-Apr-17 19:19:09

Sounds like a wonderful trip. We were in Abisko a couple of summers back. We took the train to and from Narvik, and whilst the town itself was really, I'm afraid to say, not that interesting at all, the scenery from the train was stunning.

DownyEmerald Thu 27-Apr-17 19:26:36

Thank you tendence and twobarnsmammisonthebus - that is very helpful, and reassuring that Inlandsbanen and Narvik train are worth doing!

I've found a cabin for the last week in August that is indeed very cheap, and not too back to basics! The more I find out about the Swedish approach to life the more I think I was born in the wrong country!

iseenodust Sat 29-Apr-17 17:08:18

The Nobel Museum is an interesting 45 mins if you check online when the English speaking tours are running (a few each day). Your 11 yr old goes for free. It's in the old town in a lovely little square.

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