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Recommendations for 5 nights with 8yo nephew!

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yogaandwine Tue 18-Apr-17 20:08:18

Myself and DH are taking his 8yo nephew on his first 'proper' holiday this summer. We can only go for 5 nights due to my leave entitlement. This means that 'easy'/cheap package deals are generally out of the question as they are usually for 7 nights!

We want somewhere that nephew will be able to make friends and be entertained... but also not a hellish huge hotel with no peace/relaxation.

I'm thinking maybe a small block of apartments with a shared pool so there will be other kids. We went to places like this when I was young but they seem to be mainly in Greece/islands which have limited flights per week.

Our budget is around £1200 total. I realise this is probably quite an ask but am hoping some of you have stumbled across somewhere suitable in the past!

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