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August holiday with newborn DC3 - where to go?

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ilovetosleep Sun 16-Apr-17 17:39:04

DC3 will be 3 months old in august, we have Dcs 6&3 already. We'll also possibly have DM with us. We have holidayed with a newborn before but obviously 3 kids compared to 2 will be trickier. We usually go for a gites complex in France, although had an amazing holiday in Spain last year in a villa with pool - but we can't afford that option this year. Budget around 2.5k for us all (travel and accommodation). Hot but not too hot, easy and relaxing, pool for the kids but no kids club needed. I don't mind self catering but if so need there to be really easy eating out options very nearby too. I get a bit anxious with babies so somewhere not too remote with an English speaking hospital/English speaking staff to help point us in the right direction if need be (we always seem to need medical attention on holiday!!) We l were thinking maybe centre parcs? I dream of a villa with a pool and a walking distance town but not sure how realistic/affordable that is. Any suggestions?

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