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Javea or pueblo mascarat?

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Skala123 Thu 13-Apr-17 08:09:03

Posting on the off chance people can help me decide between these two places. I have fond memories of Javea from when I was a kid but not been back for many years. I prefer the apartment I have found on the beach in pueblo mascarat but don't know the area.
For info we are looking for a chilled apartment holiday with DCs 7 and 4 where we can walk to the beach and a few tavernas.
Can anyone help? Or suggest any other gems? Looking to go first week of June and am looking at mainland Spain as flights are cheapest!

Polichinelle Sat 15-Apr-17 09:33:59

In Javea, beach not village, you are always close to the sand beach. Remember Javea is kind of divided in 2: old village with pebble beach and new area with sand beach.

How far are you from the beach in Pueblo? It looks like one of those new build urbanisations but I can't work out whether it's slightly inland

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