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Monte-Carlo and where to stay

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AnneEtAramis Mon 10-Apr-17 11:44:03

It's DH's 40th this year and he would love to Las Vegas but my budget and the time available won't stretch to that so I am thinking about Monte Carlo, likely in October (which I know is pretty low season). I want to make it really special as it will also be our first time away without the children together.

I am trying to decide on the hotel and have narrowed to these three:

I am planning a helicopter transfer from Nice and a Ferrari drive so want a really lovely hotel to match. They all look amazing so really just need convincing to go with one.

BananaDaiquiri Mon 10-Apr-17 12:23:57

I've stayed at the Fairmont on a business trip. I wasn't all that wowed, but this was abut 10 years ago, maybe it's been refurbed since then. I'm sure it's great during Grand Prix as it's situated on the hairpin bend and has viewing from the roof, but for outside of Grand Prix weekend I didn't think it was particularly special. I've only been to MC twice and don't know the other two hotels, but having a quick google they both look much more pretty as a first impression.

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