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2012860363 Fri 07-Apr-17 23:49:24

We are looking at going on our first family holiday abroad in 2018, with a 4 and 3 year old.
After looking at what seems like millions of hotels and reviews it looks like we will end up in a holiday village or something similar mainly due to the fact that they are so geared up for children.

But ..... which one?! I am leaning towards Rhodes but am tempted by Ibiza. Main worry is weather / temperature as we would be going in May.

Has anyone been and can advise?
It will be my first holiday abroad for 8 years and I am desperate to get it right confused

BananaDaiquiri Sat 08-Apr-17 09:28:12

We went to Ibiza holiday Village two years ago when kids were 2 and 4. They had a great time. We used the waterpark every day and also enjoyed the beach, especially in the evening when all the kids were out watching the sunset and fire dancers. They have a stage with entertainment for the kids early evening which my kids loved (look on you tube for vids). Only thing I would say is that you probably don't make the most of the place with kids that age, mine were too young for the high ropes, mine didn't go in the water walkers etc. Eldest did have a couple of days swimming lessons which were great value (well, you're paying enough for the rest of the holiday!). Other pros for us were short flight, short transfer (we always get a private transfer/taxi and want it to be short as eldest gets carsick) and not too hot in July (for this reason we have avoided the likes of Turkey/Greece/Cyprus etc in July and August - my kids are very fair). Downside I suppose is that there isn't much around there, if you want to hire and car and see some more of the island I'm sure it would be lovely but car sickness holds us back from travelling around much when we go away (backstory, we don't have a car so literally even short trip in a car/taxi freaks her out and we end up having to stop as she starts sweating and panicking about being sick).
The previous year we stayed at Insotel Cala Mandia in Majorca - have a look at that. It had a superb little water park where a 4 year old could go on every slide and a 3 year old on most. A little pirate ship too. they had a mini disco in the evenings, kids clubs etc. Downside was layout as hotel is in three bits with a road separating, so you need to cross road to go to main buffet in evening! But food was pretty good for AI fare so was worth it. There's also quite a bit of other stuff to do nearby, a little land train stops outside hotel to take you into the next town, which has a lovely marina with shops, restaurants and you can go on boat trips from there. Also there are caves nearby, but we didn't fancy going down with our baby. The rooms were a bit more upmarket compared to Ibiza Hol Village.
We have also stayed at a hotel in Lanzarote with water slides for kids, which we really liked but didn't think was quite as good for the kids.
Good luck! I am looking at hotels this morning and trying to figure out where to go this summer.

Hersetta427 Mon 10-Apr-17 17:01:39

For the ages of your children, I would say Kos, Majorca or Cyprus would be ideal. Ibiza with the large water park is more of a choice if you have older kids.

All the ones I listed have lovely splash pools for the kids and great choices of food and drink.

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