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Paris with teen DD

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WhyOhWine Wed 22-Mar-17 12:56:18

Planning a weekend trip to Paris with DD1 (13 nearly 14). We have been a couple of times so done the main sites. I think we will stay in le Marais area as she will enjoy wandering around there, and will take in the Picasso museum as it will be nearby and we have not been. I also like the sculpture garden at the Rodin museum which she has not been to. Any other suggestions outside the main tourist sites? A mix of sightseeing, cafes and shopping I think.

What is the best shopping area for that age group? Rue de Rennes? She has her own sense of style including some "vintage" stuff and we live in London with access to the usual chains, so ideally would like to take in some more one off shops or chains we dont really have in London as well as the usuals.

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