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Santa trip to Lapland Dec 17??

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Honeymoonmummy Sun 12-Mar-17 14:42:23

Hi all,

I'm looking for a trip to Lapland but I fear I've left it too late. There is a package deal with Inghams but it's £3100 for 3 days for the four of us which seems incredibly expensive. I don't want to leave it till 2018 because I fear DD will be too "old" by then IYWSIM, she'll be just turned 9 this year. Ideally we would be going from Manchester but we could go from a London airport. I am considering booking my own flight and hotel which would significantly reduce the cost. Has anyone else done this and if so can you recommend a company we can use for so location/ hotel recommendations would also be helpful, thanks.

Honeymoonmummy Sun 12-Mar-17 19:22:18


SummerSazz Sun 12-Mar-17 19:25:34

Ours was £4.5k for 5 days but actually over Xmas and in a forest location and not one of the ski resorts like Levi. I think it is always pretty expensive but you do 'get what you pay for'. We went with Magic of Lapland and they were brilliant. We had loads of activities included which would soon add up if you booked them separately.

SummerSazz Sun 12-Mar-17 19:26:02

Oh, ad we booked ours in about the April iirc.

BikeRunSki Sun 12-Mar-17 19:27:19

I've looked into this in the past. £3100 for 3 days is a good price!

IhatchedaSnorlax Sun 12-Mar-17 19:29:04

We booked ours with Canterbury Travel last January 2016 for December & they were fantastic. It was massively expensive (£7500 for 5 of us for 3 nights) but it was worth every penny.

Couldn't recommend Canterbury Travel enough! They were fantastic.

Honeymoonmummy Sun 12-Mar-17 22:33:42

I have found flights to Rovaniemi for £185 each (total £740) and I can get a hotel for around £500-£800, so a significant amount less. Is it not an option to do it myself and arrange for trips/ activities?

pinkhorse Sun 12-Mar-17 22:36:31

I went December just gone. We paid £3200 for 3 days. There was so much to do there that we could have spent money on whilst actually there. It's an expensive holiday. We went with Thomsons .
Not sure how it'd work if you organised it yourself. Thomson sorted all our thermal gear etc.

outabout Sun 12-Mar-17 22:40:46

Canterbury Travel were good to us. A while ago now, and no more red berry juice thanks!

AndKnowItsSeven Sun 12-Mar-17 22:43:23

Won't she be too old already by Christmas? It's a lot to spend without the magic.

PenguindreamsofDraco Mon 13-Mar-17 11:13:54

We went with Santa's Lapland last year and it was utterly brilliant. Just under £3k I think for 3 of us for 2 nights/2 1/2 days, but totally worth it.

What made it special was the Winter Wonderland only SL customers got to use: reindeer rides, husky rides, igloos, ice fishing, ice hockey, tobogganing, skidoos, food, of course hot berry juice, etc - and of course the trip in the sleigh for the private visit to the Big Man. That was the benefit of doing a proper package rather than DIY, for us.

Iamastonished Mon 13-Mar-17 21:17:27

I think you need to work out how much transfers, thermal suits and boots and activities will add on to your basic costs.

We went to Lapland two years ago, not for a Santa visit, but at February half term to see the northern lights, and had an amazing time. Our hotel was in the middle of nowhere, over two hours drive from the airport. And I'm not sure how easy it would have been to organise our own transfers. There was no way we would have hired a car and driven ourselves.

It cost about £3k for the three of us for three nights, but that included flights, transfers, hotel, all meals, all activities (and transport to them) and thermal suit and boot hire.

Honeymoonmummy Mon 13-Mar-17 23:02:06

Thanks all. It seems I have my answer. smile

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