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Night Flight with very active 2 year old! Help!

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NuttyCasey Sun 05-Mar-17 14:02:09


So in May we are taking our (very almost) 2 year old boy to Cyprus for his first holiday and could really use some advice! I'm not concerned about the outgoing flight, or the holiday itself really, however the incoming flight back to the uk really concerns me!
The flight is at 22.45pm and we land 2.00am ish our time! (Was the only flight available)

He's not a cuddly baby in the slightest, he won't fall asleep in your arms (hasn't done so in about a year), he doesn't ever need consoling, doesn't really like to sit on people's laps too long, when he occasionally wakes in the night we bring him in our bed and not once has he ever fallen back to sleep with me and OH around! He's not clingy in any way, not even to his favourite person, daddy!

Also, just to throw it in there I am also pregnant with our second child, so our original plan of having him on our laps is not sounding so good anymore? We can book him a seat of his own for the flight (he'd be on OH lap for take off and landing) but it would mean he would have his own space for the rest of the flight.

My concern is how well or if at all he will sleep? He's a really good sleeper in his cot, but on a plane surrounded by people... I'm not so sure it would be the same??? If it was a day flight (like the outgoing flight) I wouldn't be too concerned about keeping him occupied but I fear that he will be VERY grumpy and tired if he doesn't fall asleep?
Anyone had a similar experience with a similar type of child? Also when did you make them nap the day of flying home or did they go without etc?

Please help!!!!
Apologies for the long post xx

2014newme Sun 05-Mar-17 22:02:33

Yes he will probably be grumpy and tired at some point. He may sleep in buggy at Airport or on plane, he may not. See if you can collect buggy at airport steps on arrival rather than baggage reclaim, it can be a long walk with a tired toddler.
To be honest you just have to go with it. There ate a tonne of threads with advice for travelling with toddlers I would take small pillow and a lightweight blanket for plane if your airline doesn't provide. Ipad or similar this is one time when watching Peppa may keep the peace, wee if you can get him used headphones before then.
I would bet he will conk out on plane.
Good luck

TheCaptainsCat Mon 06-Mar-17 14:36:37

If you can get him a seat, definitely do so! Last week I flew 16 hours with my very almost two year old - two consecutive eight hour flights, on one she had her own seat, on one she didn't; the flight she had her own seat was a breeze, the other was also not that bad. Take snacks, iPad with TV shows, sticker books and little wrapped novelty gifts to produce whenever a meltdown is imminent!

Rainshowers Mon 06-Mar-17 14:45:31

I'd get him a seat if you can. If you do, you probably have every chance of him falling asleep, due to him being tired, and the noise of the plane, lights being turned off etc.

If he doesn't, then an iPad with his favourite shows (you can easily download CBeebies using iplayer), should keep him occupied and quiet. We gave our DD her own kids headphones a couple of weeks before our flight so she could practice and get used to them.

NuttyCasey Mon 06-Mar-17 15:23:34

Thank you for all your replies! I've read many of the threads about travelling with toddlers, but no one seemed to have an extremely un-clingy toddler (im sure many did)! Most toddlers seem happy to fall asleep in their parents arms or at least in the presence of their parents, not my son though Nooooo way!!! I'm hoping you're right, with his own seat he might just conk out fingers crossed! I'll just have to be prepared if that's not the case (I'm not holding out much hope!)
What did everyone do with regards to naps on the day you come home? Late nap? No nap? Short nap?
Thanks again for your help!xx

2014newme Mon 06-Mar-17 15:38:12

We stuck with normal naps times but you may find that goesout the window on holiday anyway

Rainshowers Mon 06-Mar-17 17:46:21

Oh my toddler was/is super unclingy. I can't remember the last time she fell asleep on me and she'd only tolerate sitting on a lap for about a minute (hence us buying the extra seat!)

We tried no nap although that didn't work as she slept in the car from the hotel to the airport, so was full of energy for the flight (but she did fall asleep as soon as we put her in the pushchair at Heathrow so the ridiculously long wait for baggage wasn't too bad).

You'll be fine whatever happens. We did an 11-hour flight with her last September so we feel prepared for anything now!

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