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Pregnancy travel insurance

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kizzle Fri 17-Feb-17 17:55:36

Can anyone please recommend a site or company where I can purchase travel insurance whilst pregnant?
I'm travelling in May and will be 29 weeks pregnant.

I type in 'pregnancy travel insurance' on google, click on a link, fill out the details and nowhere does it ask anything about the pregnancy, how far gone I will be when travelling, due date etc.

Am I doing something wrong?
Thanks in advance.

Janek Sat 18-Feb-17 16:59:37

We went on holiday with a pregnant friend a few years ago - she got travel insurance from ravenhall and was under the impression that these are the only people who offer it. This may have changed in the mean time ofmcourse...

kizzle Sat 18-Feb-17 17:36:59

Thank you I'll check it out.
From what I've researched, there isn't many insurers at all over 28 weeks because we are classed as high risk. Thank you for your help

bojorojo Sun 19-Feb-17 00:51:28

26 weeks for some! Cost may be very high if you do find an insurer.

mummymeister Sun 19-Feb-17 10:48:25

Have you already booked the holiday then? some insurers might not take you if they know that you have because usually travel insurance is recommended to be taken out as you book. you will be 29 weeks going out there and 30/31 coming back I assume?

as others have said it is going to be very expensive and you best get fit to fly letters from your GP or midwife.

tbh I think if the holiday is already booked and you are trying to buy the insurance retrospectively a number of companies wont take you because of this.

kizzle Sun 19-Feb-17 12:22:07

I've won the holiday and flights so no booking required, they both already know I'm pregnant.
No I'll be 29 weeks going and 29 weeks coming back. It's a 4 night holiday.
I've found cover through the post office now but thank you 👍🏼

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