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where to stay in rome and in bay of naples

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sleepwouldbenice Fri 03-Feb-17 00:45:04


thinking of a two centre holiday in bay of naples (doesn't have to be in the city but can be) for 3 nights then drive(?) to Rome. 4 of us including DD x2 aged 14 and 10

Any suggestions where to stay - locations and / or actual hotels or maybe self catering appreciated. Looking for Rome to be somewhere pleasant but functional rather than having loads of facilities and around Naples maybe having more to it so we could rest round a pool or similar

Thanks in advance

Blumkin Fri 03-Feb-17 00:51:20

What's the budget?

I once took the train from Rome - Naples, I'm pretty sure it went direct with no stopover and only took an hour or so. Much, much easier than driving through a) Naples and b) Rome even with Sat nav etc.

raspberrysuicide Fri 03-Feb-17 01:08:44

The islands of Procida and Ischia are beautiful.
Keep away from Torre del Greco it's horrible.

sanitygirl Fri 03-Feb-17 14:37:33

What time of year? Definitely get the train from Rome to Naples - driving in Naples can be very hairy! I lived there for 4 years so happy to advise on places to stay - depends whether you want to experience the city or be by the sea. Procida, Ischia, Sorrento, Capri all nice but different. What kind of place/atmosphere are you hoping for? A lot will also depend on the time of year. August Naples itself is stifling and quiet - the coast will be very very busy. May half term would be an ideal time to go.

Iamastonished Fri 03-Feb-17 21:51:35

Apart from getting from Naples to Rome why would you need a car? I would just get a train.

DeliveredByKiki Sun 05-Feb-17 02:03:57

We're doing a similar trip and are getting the train from Naples to Rome (after 5 days in Sorrento). Still looking for somewhere to stay in Naples but we've just booked a really reasonable Air BnB in Trastevere in Rome - check Air BnB because there were so many places that were under 150GBP/night for our family of 4, and I find self catering is easier with children anyway

rookiemere Sun 05-Feb-17 08:59:13

We are doing a similar trip in October.
I have made rservations through as loads of options there including self catering plus I have booked fully cancellable just in case we hear of something better. There are absolutely tonnes of places in Rome i have gone for a place off Piazza Navona as thats where I stayed last time and seemed well located. For Naples I have currrently got to decide between a gorgeous apartment in Positano - lovely but looks a bit challenging for public transport to the main sites and an apartment with shared hot tub and pool in a small village outside Sorrento.

raspberrysuicide Sun 05-Feb-17 20:38:10

I'm so jealous! I lived on Procida for nearly 2 years and would love to go back to that area.

FourKidsNotCrazyYet Sun 05-Feb-17 21:34:01

We went to Rome and Naples last year. My advise is to just not go to Naples. It was absolutely horrific! Filthy, stinking, dangerous lawless, potholed, drug ridden place. Even at the beach there were piles of rubbish. Literally bigger than our local landfill. Needles everywhere. Nope. Never again. You-tube it.

FourKidsNotCrazyYet Sun 05-Feb-17 21:34:40

Advise! And we didn't go cheap budget either. A week in both places cost us about £12k.

FourKidsNotCrazyYet Sun 05-Feb-17 21:35:01

Advice! Bloody phone!

frenchfancy Mon 06-Feb-17 16:09:02

I loved Naples. One of my favourite cities ever - I can't wait to go back. There is nothing polished about it. It is real, and vibrant and in places really beautiful. The people were wonderful too.

We stayed here and got a good deal with connecting rooms.

Train from Naples to Rome was easy and not expensive.

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