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Going on holiday on my own with 3 kids any suggestions?

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franksidebottom Thu 02-Feb-17 17:22:27

Hi, thinking of taking my 3 dds on holiday July/august time, they will be aged 2,9 and 15. Looking for any suggestions of places to go, I won't be driving and we're not fussed about beaches, maybe a city break. We're going to Barcelona in october so not there.

Makemineacabsauv Sat 04-Feb-17 00:20:27

I took my kids to a campsite near Venice which was amazing. They enjoyed the pool, beach, facilities etc on site as well as outdoor lifestyle and we also benefitted from pottering about in Cenice visiting various islands and just exploring. Ds (6 at the time) loved the Indiana Jones links and was very disappointed that there was no boat chase with guns and no great home in the library floor!

franksidebottom Sat 04-Feb-17 09:16:50

Thankyou, was it difficult to get to?

Makemineacabsauv Tue 07-Feb-17 18:54:52

Not at all. Direct flights to Narco Polo and we got a bus from just outside the arrivals hall. The bus service is fab!

kilmuir Tue 07-Feb-17 18:56:02

Do you have a budget

franksidebottom Tue 07-Feb-17 19:09:44

Thankyou Makeminacabsauv I'll look at that. Kilmuir - no particular budget it will be the summer hols so I know it won't be cheap!

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