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Can picafort majorca - help please

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Whatwilltheweatherbe Sun 22-Jan-17 15:56:27

Hi everyone,

First time to Majorca and we have booked to stay at a self catering apartment in can picafort.

Can anyone recommend any good restaurants for dinner, or even cafes for breakfast?

We have hired a car, so hoping to get out and about...are there any good coves/beaches around, and restaurants a big further afield?

Thanks for your help

bramblina Mon 23-Jan-17 11:16:24

Hi we had our first Majorcan holiday in Ca'n Picafort and loved it. We stayed in the Africa Mar which was very basic and wouldn't neccessarily go back there but if you find where it is on Google maps, you'll see how perfect it was for location. We were on the corner of the main road going through (so shops were handy) and the lane that led down to the beach (the type full of inflatables and holiday stuff), and bars and restaurants etc. This was 2007 so I don't remember any good restaurants but I do remember having wonderful Paella etc down on the beach promenade- it was a great promenade. Ds was nearly 2 and it was perfect.

I would thoroughly recommend the caves- there are Caves Del Drach and caves Del Ham, we've been to them both now and they are both wonderful. Very similar so I wouldn't do both the same trip, but if you find out which one has the boat ride I would do that one as it's just a wee extra which dd and I did while dh walked back with the boys.

I would also thoroughly recommend a day trip to Port de Soller (further on from Soller) which we have gone to each time we have gone to Majorca (3 times) as it's so beautiful. It's on the north coast.

My favourite market was in Arta which is not too far away from where you will be.

We went to the waterpark in Alcudia which was really good. Not cheap so take a picnic and stay all day.

If you fancied a drive out to Cap Formentor, it is pretty and when we were there there was a restaurant in the lighthouse or monument (I can't remember what it was!). On the way back, stop in the old town of Porta Pollensa and it's much nice than the seafront part.

I love Majorca, we've also stayed in S'illot and last year Pirates village in Santa Ponsa. Have a wonderful time!

Whatwilltheweatherbe Mon 23-Jan-17 18:23:47

You are a star bramblina- thank you so much!!

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