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Efteling visit - what are our optiins to fill out the holiday?

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PrivateWeeingGoals Sat 21-Jan-17 21:03:22

Efteling theme park has completely stolen my heart! It looks completely adorable and perfect for DS.

Plan to take DS (3) there in the summer. From what I can gather, two days should be enough to cover the park, however I was hoping to make the trip a little longer, perhaps a four day stay.

I wonder if anyone can offer any ideas/advice on places to visit in surrounding areas to bulk out the trip?
I'm planning on hiring a car so would be happy to drive around an hour?

Looked at a few beaches that are around an hours drive away but not sure if they are worth the car journey.

Any ideas/experiences most welcome smile

Thank you, in advance

BareGrylls Sun 22-Jan-17 21:41:27

We had a day there when DC were about 8 / 10 and we were staying at Center Parcs De Kempervennen I think.
It's quite an interesting theme park, very gothic entrance. A few white knuckle rides and a few baby rides. I can't see that you would need two days there though, especially with a three year old who would be too small for many rides. Also, and this was a few years ago, all details of rides were only in Dutch and I accidentally went on a really scary one

hairypaws Sun 22-Jan-17 21:47:07

My dd went with school last year. They also visited fantasia land and a warner bros studio. Don't know how near they all are though as she says fantasia land was in Germany but didn't take them long to travel there.

Downstairspoo Tue 24-Jan-17 09:10:57

We've been twice and stayed 2 nights the first time and 4 nights the second time. We easily spent 3-4 days there. If you are staying at bosrijk then the swimming pool and the natural park where the houses are lovely for a half day swim and walk and play.
On the first trip we stayed went via Calais, stayed for a night in Antwerp in an air B and B, 2 nights at Efteling and then three nights in a self catering cottage near Bruges on the way back.

Second trip we spent a long weekend at duinrell first.

I don't think a lot of Dutch beaches to be honest..... There's lots of wide open sand but no rocks and scenery like British beaches. And can be very windy!

DamnCommandments Tue 24-Jan-17 09:25:10

Breda is a pretty city to visit. Rotterdam is bigger/more city-like. It has a cool Mariteim Museum - does he like boats? Then there's De Biesbosch National Park. Very unusual swampy waterways, little animal park, boat hire etc.

GobbolinoCat Thu 02-Feb-17 21:18:30

Hi Op, if your still out there reading!!

Eftling stole my heart too smile I read about it on here when researching for a disney Paris trip. I booked for later that year and had a full 8 months of build up, I am a fussy customer but it exceeded all my expectations.

We have been twice now and still have not seen all of it, we are quite fast movers too! The accmd is gorgeous and we have only made it to one play area, the pool is cute.

Anyway - we planned some days out the first time but never made it - too much to see in the park. We drove from dover to Dunkirk, and stopped off for the night in bruges. You can of course drive straight there ( much much easier than driving in crowded UK my goodness the difference) But bruges also fills out the trip, on way back we spent day at De Haan, Belgium resort, not amazing - but dc loved the beach.....and it was all easy.
Next time we plan on going to amsterdam for the day and another day to delft and the haggue - schvenegen beach. We are going for a week though so will have more time.

Your little one will love DD was in shock when we first went, she couldnt take it all in, and rides that you can go on - again and again! Her fav was the cars....You will love it too op, I cant wait to return, I actually felt relief when we booked it again for this year. Next year we will try and tear ourselves away but who knows grin. Its just so lovely in every way, and I dont even like to really go to places twice confused enjoy!!

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