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CenterParcs De Vossemeren - age restrictions for Discovery Bay

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Snuggy75 Wed 18-Jan-17 13:40:12

We are looking at booking a trip to a European CenterParcs later in the year and De Vossemeren has the Discovery Bay Pirate themed area which i think my 4.5 year old will adore but on the website it says 5+. Does anyone know if they enforce ages and will it be suitable for my tall 4.5 year old?

Also would it be possible to take my 2 year old to play there too or is it completely unsuitable?

Thanks in advance! smile

pinkchampagne1 Wed 18-Jan-17 17:23:06

We went to De Vossemeren last August and Discovery Bay is fantastic! I would say it would be fine for a 4.5 year old and saw lots of children around that age using it. It has slides, lots of climbing bits, sand and water everywhere so be sure to take swimwear and a towel. There is also lots of seating for the adults and a snack bar.

We loved De Vossemeren and felt there was more for the children to do without paying lots extra. Not only do they have Discovery Bay but also another area with go karts, bumper cars, mini bowling alley, trampolines etc which only cost one or two euros a go. There is also a little petting farm where children can stroke lots of different animals.

pinkchampagne1 Wed 18-Jan-17 17:25:51

Also, did you know that you can try out other local Centre Parcs while you are there and use all their facilities for the day? You just show your swim pass apparently. Erperheide is only a 30 min drive away and they have a massive two story soft play place so might also be good for your children.

Snuggy75 Thu 19-Jan-17 08:30:42

Thank you PinkChampagne! That is very reassuring. Do you think it would be ok for my 2 year old to potter around discovery bay too - do they control entry at all?

The other one we are looking at is Het Meerdal which is a lot smaller, don't suppose you have been there too?

Lugeeta Thu 19-Jan-17 08:35:39

My 2yo loved Discovery Bay-the water was the perfect depth for her to paddle and she loved the sand! De vossemeren is one of my favourite centre parcs, especially for little ones!

Snuggy75 Thu 19-Jan-17 09:05:29

Fabulous, thanks Lugeeta! Any other recommendations?

Lugeeta Thu 19-Jan-17 20:30:53

De kempervennen in Holland is nice too, but better for older children I think ( it's got skiing year round which we like!)

Have you been to any european CP? The centers are much nicer than the uk ones ime but the accomodation is poorer ( not terrible but not anything like a woodland lodge-the premium is more like the old comfort lodges!) It still has everything you need (none of them have an oven though just a hob) but they are clean, just more basic!

pinkchampagne1 Thu 19-Jan-17 20:58:14

We stayed in a VIP lodge and it was nice. We loved the fresh bread delivery every morning. None of the lodges have an oven though, just a hob and microwave with a grill bit and if you are staying in a VIP you also get a big bbq. We knew this beforehand so planned meals you can cook on the hob like fajitas, spag bol etc. We also had a bbq one evening.
Another thing is our lodge only had the one toilet which was by the front door. The actual bathroom was lovely and included a sauna and huge shower but no toilet!

The dome area is lovely. There are flamingoes, turtles, parrots and fish in the water. There are also bridges and stepping stones. I found this much nicer than the UK Centre Parcs.

We loved it - the whole place had a more peaceful feel than the UK ones. The pool was a lot less busy and more relaxed - you can take young children down all slides and rapids with you so long as they wear a swim vest.

pinkchampagne1 Fri 20-Jan-17 14:36:15

When are you thinking of going? We are back to De Vossemeren in August for a week. smile

Snuggy75 Sat 21-Jan-17 07:43:03

October half term smile silly prices for UK ones! Any tips on where to choose accommodation? Don't want to be too far away from main things as 2 year old will only walk so far without wanting to be carried!

ThomasRichard Sat 21-Jan-17 08:00:32

I've taken the kids to De Vossemeren a couple of times, between the ages of 2-6yo, and never seen any age restrictions in place (for pretty much any of the free activities, to be honest, including the slides in the pool - just remember to put one of the free buoyancy aids on your DC or you will get questioned by shocked lifeguards blush). The DC love Discovery Bay; it's the best playground I've ever seen! We're going to De Kampervannen this year and I'm a bit nervous that it won't be as good.

Re. cottages, we stayed in a Premium Kids cottage both times and they were basic but perfectly comfortable and the kids really enjoyed their kids-themed room. Location-wise, have a look at the cottages in zone 4 next to the playground; they're within easy walking distance of the dome, even for a walk-resistant 2yo, and the playground is more set up for little ones than the other one near the farm. Don't be concerned about the dog garden next door; it's very well enclosed and not a problem at all.

pinkchampagne1 Sat 21-Jan-17 11:18:27

We asked to be close to the centre and we were given a lodge which was a very quick and easy walk from the main dome.

We stayed in a VIP lodge which had all towels and bedding included. It also included free wifi. I think the with the other types of lodges you have to pay for your wifi and either take your own towels or hire them for a small fee.

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