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Family Hol with 12 DD & 13 DS year old

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Brighteyes27 Sun 08-Jan-17 13:56:42

Recommendations for summer family hol accommodation, resort/destination. We are family of 4 a DS13 and DD12. We have booked independent hol let's in the Algrave for the last 4 years. These have worked well as plenty of space indoors, not a holiday hell by the pool and the pace of life is more relaxing and don't have to get up before 7am to secure sun beds etc. We like to eat out at night at different places and that's part of our holiday. The kids have been more than happy with this and it's worked for all of us however last year the age ranges seemed to be under 9's and over 16's so we were thinking of trying somewhere with more facilities and a greater chance for the kids to have fun with other kids on lazy days. I have checked various brochures and many cater for 2 adults and one child or the sleeping arrangements in the room/rooms seem to be two double beds not ideal for two kids of the opposite sex and that age. Which holidays have worked for anyone in a similar position thinking of maybe camping or a busier apartment but happy for suggestions of resort accommodation and who you booked with? Thanks

Brighteyes27 Sun 08-Jan-17 15:13:56


Brighteyes27 Sun 08-Jan-17 19:42:50


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