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Renting car abroad - reassurance?

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sniffle12 Sat 07-Jan-17 12:11:34

I'd really like to rent a car abroad to get the most out of our holiday - we are nature-lovers so want to be able to get out of the cities and find some special spots. But I'm very nervous about renting a car abroad - not particularly the aspect of driving it, but potentially damaging it somehow and what I'd then be liable for. Mishaps I would just live with on my own car - e.g. slightly scratching it - could end up costing hundreds of pounds I presume.

I'm aware they can also put a hold of £1000 or even more on your credit card just to pick up the car - I only have a £1500 limit and I always like to have some of that available whilst on holiday in case I lose access to my primary account for any reason. I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable with only say £300 of funds available on an alternative card.

Does anybody have any reassurance that might convince me to just do it?

mummymeister Sat 07-Jan-17 16:38:07

We have rented cars abroad for the last 25 years and don't recall ever having a £1000 deposit required. I suggest you look at where you are staying and then go onto a website like ebookers or similar where you can search for hire cars nearby.

lots include collision damage waiver insurance and this is why you pay for it - so that if you do have a prang the insurance pays and not you. think you are worrying about this unnecessarily and need to do a bit of fact check and this will make you feel better about the whole thing. good luck.

rookiemere Sat 07-Jan-17 21:45:27

Rent from a well known hire company even if the initial price is more expensive, much less likely to have extra fuel charges or try to fleece you. Read reviews for the car hire options from that airport. You can buy fully comp insurance policies online and We always do that.
Avoid Goldcar at all costs.

littlebillie Sat 07-Jan-17 21:49:12

We have hired a few times take out waiver insurance

Protect my bubble is a great product

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