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Term time bargains

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Aherdofcows Sun 01-Jan-17 09:22:26


I seem to spend soooo much time looking for holidays in term time but am struggling to find budget holidays!

Do you have any gems? I'm looking for a family holiday for 4 for under £1000. We have our own tent but would prefer a hotel room for a couple of nights. We don't mind doing a bit of driving but really no more than 5 hours. We would like guaranteed warmth and a nice beach. If we are camping I would like a nice quiet site so we get some sleep in the evening. I think I may be asking too much 🙄

Thank you for any suggestions!

mummymeister Mon 02-Jan-17 12:16:24

term time holidays will always be cheaper than school holidays. I think you have to narrow this down a bit if you want better advice. what time of year - June/September and whereabouts assume you mean Europe. also how long - 1 or 2 weeks. if you can narrow it a bit then people will have loads of suggestions!!

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