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Eurotunnel - do I have a car or a van?

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forevermore Mon 19-Feb-07 11:36:06

I want to drive to my sisters place in the netherlands (Utrecht). Never driven in europe before, would love some hints tips.

I want to book Eurotunnel and have a ford Galxay, i this a car or a van?

I think its a car. Is it above 1.85m or below?

Anyone know the best way to get direction to the netherlands from calais or should i just get a map? anything else i should be thinking of?

I have a 20 month old, is it mad to even think of doing this?

forevermore Mon 19-Feb-07 12:01:39

also anyone know where i could perhaps stay overnight on the way or is it not worth it?

crunchie Mon 19-Feb-07 19:26:40

I think it is below 1.85, usally they ask for car brand and model and the site'knows'

I think holland is only about 3 hrs form calais

aznerak Tue 20-Feb-07 08:32:29

Hi there
We have a Citroen C8 so it is very similar in size to your Galaxy and we travel to France frequently with Eurotunnel.
Firstly, you book it as a car.
In terms of height, if you are taking a roof box or roof bars of any description, you need to book the ticket as a car OVER 1.85m. If you know for sure that you will have nothing on the roof, then you can book it in as a standard car (ie under 1.85 as a Galaxy is about 1.75-1.8).
There is NO difference in price between a standard car and tall car - all it is, is that standard cars go onto Eurotunnel in a double-decker carriage but for tall cars, they do not fit in this arrangement, so go in the single deck carriages which is also where vans, coaches etc go. They charge the same, but there are far fewer tall car tickets available so you need to book early. Also, if you get to the Tunnel a bit earlier or a bit later than the ticket slot you have bought, as a standard car, you can usually get another space on another crossing pretty quickly but if you are a tall car, as there are fewer spaces to begin with, you often have to wait longer (or that is what we have found anyway).
If you are not sure about whether you will have a roof box or something, then I'd advise you to book as a tall car. IF you end up not having anything on the roof, you can simply change to standard car as and when you check in.
Hope that helps but if you need anything else, let me know!

forevermore Tue 20-Feb-07 09:06:29

thats helpful thanks

do you know anything about the drive to holland from eurotunnel calais?

aznerak Tue 20-Feb-07 09:18:40

There is a fantastic website where you can do very good route planners.
Visit it here at .
All you need to do is enter tunnel and calais in the departure part of the driving directions and your sister's address in the destination part.
It then gives you a really detailed driving map - you can even tell it the date you will be going so it can check for long term roadworks!
No, you are not mad doing this with your 20 month old.
We drive to the south of France which is much much further and have been doing it since our little one was 18 months. It'll only take a few hours and there are excellent services on the motorways. Whereabouts does your sister live? It may only take 3 hours.
Hope that helps!

forevermore Tue 20-Feb-07 20:52:39

utrecht; thanks for link

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