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Aphrodite Hills Cyprus

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Icequeen01 Sun 04-Dec-16 19:33:10

Just beginning to look for an apartment/villa for our summer holiday. I want a villa or apartment as our DS is now 17 (and yes he still wants to come with us, after all it's a free holiday!) so really must have his own bedroom. When I priced up two rooms in a hotel we are not getting much change from £6,000 confused

I've just been looking on the James Villa site and looking at apartments/villas in Cyprus and particularly 2 bed apartments in Aphrodite Hills. Has anyone been there who can tell me a little about the place.

We always hire a car for the full duration of our hols as we like to explore and we probably eat out most nights. My DS just likes to chill when he is on holiday so has no requirements apart from wifi - if there is no wifi our holiday will be hell!

mummymeister Tue 06-Dec-16 16:38:05

we stayed in elounda and it had everything really including night life and places to chill. if you look on ownersdirect you should easily find something with 2 bedrooms within your budget. James villas is a particularly pricey website in my experience there will be others out there cheaper.

juneau Fri 23-Dec-16 18:12:01

We went to Aphrodite Hills in the Oct half-term and loved it. We had a villa, which was a fair hike up the mountain, but I think the apartments are all closer to the village, where there's a (v. expensive) supermarket, bar, coffee shop, restaurants, mini golf, etc. We had wifi in our villa and the whole site was clean and nice and well cared for.

The roads in Cyprus are good, you drive on the left as in the UK and there is masses to see and do. Paphos is about 25 mins away and the archeaological site and the mosaics are amazing (although there is not much shade and it will be v. hot in summer). We went up into the mountains one day, which is apparently where a lot of Cypriots go to escape the summer heat. We also went to a lovely beach one day up in Latsi, on the north coast. The beaches up there are a lot nicer than the rocky ones on the south coast. There are good seafood restaurants up there too. We loved Cyprus - would definitely go back - and AH was a good base.

Icequeen01 Sat 24-Dec-16 16:41:38

Thanks so much for replying and your post was really helpful. I'm still keen on going to Cyprus and really liked the look of Aphrodite Hills. We like exploring wherever we stay but have to schedule in some pool days for the lazy teenager 😀 We are going to look at booking after Xmas and it sounds as though Aphrodite Hills is a firm contender. Thanks again.

eyeoresancerre Sat 24-Dec-16 16:59:07

Aphrodite Hills is great but you can't walk to the beach. They do a shuttle bus to the beach. Also in the middle of nowhere but like you say you can drive easily.
We love Hotel Columbia in Pissouri. 2 resorts on the same site. I prefer the older one but the resort site has lots of sporting stuff. Plus it is in a small village so other restaurants, bars and right on the beach.
But Aphrodite Hills is really lovely too.

eyeoresancerre Sat 24-Dec-16 17:01:49 Is the link for the one above if you fancy a comparison.

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