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Majorca hotels for family of 5?

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GnarlyOldGoatDude Tue 29-Nov-16 12:47:42

Three young kids, so we are looking for a hotel or aparthotel which will accommodate us all. Ideally a hotel or complex with a great swimming pool and activities for little ones, and a holiday club to keep them occupied a few days. In an area that I can tolerate smile

Really fancy seeing what Puerto pollensa is like as it's a MN favourite, are there any hotels there that have rooms big enough for us?

Not asking much am I? Any advice or recommendations would be great, thank you grin

3girlsunder3 Wed 30-Nov-16 09:35:14

I have the same dilemma so feel your pain. I did email a hotel in pp recommended by a poster on here as accepting 3 children in the same room but had no reply. We stayed last year in hotel Vell Mari, Can Picafort - that has family rooms - essentially 1 bed apts, which sleep 5. It was good although the kids club wasnt great as the lady running it spoke v little English!!

GnarlyOldGoatDude Wed 30-Nov-16 20:20:25

Thanks 3girls we have a similar age gap to you! It's so tricky trying to find anywhere that will take all of us, that doesn't require booking 2 suites/rooms. We've done villas a couple of times, but it's no kind of holiday for me when we do that! The kids love the mini disco and pools and playgrounds that they get in hotels.

AliceMum09 Fri 02-Dec-16 18:20:41

Puerto Pollensa is really tricky if you have three children but want to go somewhere where they can find a few friends to play with, enjoy a decent pool and go to the mini disco!

It is probably me 3girlsunder3 is referring to as recommending somewhere in Puerto Pollensa - it's the Puerto Azul Suite Hotel we stay at. We're going for the third time next May. We've booked a Jet2 package holiday for 4 people, then a separate Jet2 flight (on the same plane!) for our 4 year old (I wasn't sure if you could do that, but you can) and we'll pay the hotel directly for the 4 year old's extra bed and meals when we arrive. I think it's about £30 a night for her. We've had to decline the coach transfer that is included with the holiday, because we'll be turning up with an extra child, but we'd have booked our own transfer anyway so the children can have proper car seats.

There are a couple of places 'in' Puerto Pollensa that have 2-bed apartments for families, but one is about a mile out of town on the seafront road and the other is slightly inland along the main road (so not a nice walk to the beach and too far away from it for us). We're not really ones to base ourselves around a hotel pool all day, we like to spend half the day at the beach and also wander around town.

GnarlyOldGoatDude Sun 04-Dec-16 17:33:56

alicemum that's really helpful, thank you- that's one of the places we'd been looking at, will they let you have the 4 yr old in your room?

AliceMum09 Sun 04-Dec-16 20:26:54

Yes, they are quite happy to put an extra bed in the bedroom for our 4 year old.

We first went when our youngest was 13 months old - that was straightforward because 2 'children' and 1 'infant' is ok for one suite, so we just booked that as a simple package with Thomson. The older two children were 7 and 4 on that first trip.

For our second visit we used Alpharooms to book the hotel for two adults and two children, booked flights separately for all 5 of us and then paid the hotel directly for the extra bed for our youngest. In actual fact it was still a cot she had, even though she was 3, because she's so small for her age!

As I said above, for our third visit next May I've done it through Jet2 this time. It was working out a bit cheaper than doing it via Alpharooms and separate BA flights again.

In terms of the hotel itself you get a decent sized living room with twin sofa beds (it's one sofa, but the beds pull out separately, they are really comfy, we sleep on them and have the three children in the separate bedroom), a bathroom and a bedroom, plus a balcony or terrace. We always ask for a ground floor room due to my belief that
balconies and children are a dangerous combination! The rooms were all refurbished over the winter of 2013/14, I think most of the bathrooms now only have a big shower but there are a few rooms with baths so you could email them to request that if it were essential. The bedroom has twin beds, and even with a cot or extra bed there is still room to walk around.

The pools are just 'plain', no slides/water features etc, which I really like. The main pool is deep, so you can have a proper swim without being bothered by too many children. There are two shallower pools, and our children have always been really happy splashing about and just playing with toys in there.

It's not a massive hotel, you couldn't lose sight of your children around the pool. There is a kids club organised by the hotel but it's quite informal. Children over 4 can be left there alone, but you have to stay in the hotel as they are free to leave at any point if they want. It's not a strict sign in/sign out thing like a nursery or anything.

I couldn't think of a bad thing to say about the place really, although we have only ever been over May half term and into the first few days of June. Some of the reviews written at the peak summer holiday time (July/August) do have the usual complaints about sunbed hogging! We have always been able to get sun beds whatever time we've turned up at the pool, we've never had to get up at 6am to put towels down! Also the evening entertainment has always still been indoors in the bar area when we've been there, so if we've wanted the kids to go to bed at 9-9:30 after the mini disco any sound/music from the 'grown-up' show has been muffled. At the height of summer the evening stuff is outdoors by the pool, so although it does finish at 11ish it's going to be a bit louder when you are in your room.

Overall a great choice, and the location is really central.

3girlsunder3 Wed 07-Dec-16 23:35:56

Yes that was the one Alice mum! How do you get in touch with the hotel to agree the third child? Still no reply to email!
Gnarly our children will be 11 and 8 when we go next year, would Def take a look at Vell Mari as it was v good for kids with a kids pool with slides etc, plenty of activities in the day and sports etc, and also an indoor pool with jacuzzi. The mini disco was ok and entertainment outside in the evening fine too, definitely worth a look.
We went May half term too, Alice mum.
There is also habitat apts in pp, we had a look whilst there and seemed fine but v basic and nothing going on for the children.

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Wed 07-Dec-16 23:38:41

We stayed at Hotel Haiti in C'an Picafort and it was OK - but it was the end of the season so some of the facilities were closed. We liked that region a lot. The beach is lovely and clean and it's quite quiet.

AliceMum09 Thu 08-Dec-16 09:27:57

I've just looked at my emails and the address they come from is

A friend of mine with three children similar ages to mine went to the Vell Mari Hotel and resort at Ca'n Picafort last year. I think they had a 2 bed apartment (it was a straightforward package holiday) and they thought it was a great place to stay. So there are easy options for a family of 5 in Majorca, it's just that we wanted to only go to Puerto Pollensa!

Many years ago (like 23!) when I was 16 I went to Puerto Pollensa with my mum, dad and younger siblings (my sister was 13, my brother had his 9th birthday while we were there) and that was a First Choice package holiday to the Villa Concha apartments. It was a 1-bed apartment, it was really big and my mum says it wasn't cramped despite us being a family of 5 with two teenagers. So I did try emailing them too in 2015 to see if we could stay there, but they refused an extra bed and said it was only 2 children max per apartment. Which is really annoying when I know they can easily fit 3!

GnarlyOldGoatDude Sat 10-Dec-16 22:02:54

Thanks all!

Yes I'd seen the villa concha and looked perfect! But no option online to book all 3 kids and sounds like it's a no go from what you've said AliceMum

time2answertoday2014 Tue 27-Dec-16 23:25:41

Me and my son went Sol Katmandu Park & Resort in Majorca in August, it was the best holiday ever and had everything for kids. Its in Magaluf , and is walking distance to the beach. There was no problem when we went to the beach. Very clean hotel.

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