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Disneyland Paris

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TheSunnySide Sat 19-Nov-16 00:44:43

Talk to me about Disneyland Paris...

Can I book as far in advance as July 2018?
Is it just as good to find a hotel close by and travel in each day - does that work out cheaper?
Can you hire apartments and if so can anyone recommend one or who to go through?

I have found packages for next summer for £1,700 with flights included and staying in Disneyland but not sure where to start or whichnis the best way to do it so any tips gratefully received.

Or if you had the chance would you just go to America for the trip of a lifetime instead?

mouldycheesefan Mon 21-Nov-16 09:21:45

America is much much much more expensive. If you have £10k then yes do America, if not then Paris.
It is much easier staying in site than off site but look on the DIBB online for lots of advice and chat about budget tips. If you read the Disney threads on here some people do stay offsite at local hotels and travel in, most have shuttle buses. Have heard good things about the explorers hotel. Re self catering there are bound to be self catering apartments nearby but people don't shop and cook whilst at Disneyland.

Kirriemuir Tue 22-Nov-16 07:21:27

look a the adagio apartments at Val de Europe. £50 a night last time we stayed. Basic but clean and comfortable and close to a big supermarket. That was a February stay for a 1 bed apartment. Bathroom, bedroom, lounge with dining area and a small kitchen.

We did a small shop that covered breakfast and snacks and ate out at night. The shopping centre next door has a food court with some decent restaurants in it.

We then book ezyshuttle for transfers from the airport to the apartment. Brian from Ireland is lovely and will meet you in the terminal. There is also a free shuttle bus from the Val de Europe into the parks.

If you are going for 3 days or more research annual passes as they are cheaper.

Research is really all I can say really. It does take planning. Book dinner at inventions. Buffalo bills is also good. There was a thread on here recently from a poster who was in DLP and had done little planning. She was having a pretty miserable time.

Any questions just ask. I just love DLP!

TheSconeOfStone Tue 22-Nov-16 21:08:16

We stayed at the adagio apartments in May /June half term this year. It was £300 for 4 nights self catering. Bit basic but had a separate bedroom so we didn't have to all attempt to sleep at the same time. Free shuttle bus but didn't run early enough for the start of the magic hours. Didn't matter much to us as we're not early risers and DLP wasn't too busy. There is a small indoor pool which the kids were happy with.

We had annual passes for just under £400 for 4 and this was our second trip to use them. Massive saving on the cost of a package at DLP.

We had a day out in Paris too which was great. Brilliant holiday and would do it again, I'm not even much of a Disney fan.

We also did the shuttle from Paris CDG, can't remember the company but was well worth it.

We didn't mind self catering but we love French hypermarkets and were over our luggage allowance due to wine on the return flight (got away with it). The shopping centre at val d'europe is huge.

TheSunnySide Mon 28-Nov-16 11:48:49

Thank you for this info. I forgot I had posted it.

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