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Warm weather/child friendly location for Easter

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LastnightIdreamed Sat 12-Nov-16 20:32:19

We have just discovered that DC2 will be joining us next July so are hoping to have a warm holiday in March /April whilst I can still fly.

DD will be 3 so it would be great to find somewhere with some activities for her. Also, having had a miscarriage in September, I am a bit nervous about locations with reputations for indifferent food hygiene. For that reason, I'd prefer to avoid North Africa (where we've had lovely trips but spectacular tummy bugs).

Might anyone have any recommendations? I'd be really grateful! I wondered whether anyone might have any suggestions in perhaps the Canaries or Greece? Happy to pay a bit more as we won't be going anywhere else next year (or out for dinner for some months after July...) Thanks very much in advance.

Blu Sat 12-Nov-16 20:48:51

Lanzarote. Laid back, lovely beaches. Lots to do and see.

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