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Slovenia (possibly Croatia) at Christmas / New Year?

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allegretto Sat 29-Oct-16 09:33:40

Hi - has anyone been to Slovenia in the winter? I am looking for somewhere with beautiful scenery, a bit to see and hopefully a nice spa but on a budget! Are there public spas, for example, or are they in expensive hotels? Children are 12 and 6. Thanks!

allegretto Sat 29-Oct-16 09:34:16

(We will be driving so will have the car).

midsomermurderess Tue 01-Nov-16 12:55:33

Bled is very lovely, on the lake, surrounded by hills, lots of places do wellness sort of activities.

allegretto Tue 01-Nov-16 17:18:33


TheOnlyLivingBoyInNewCross Sat 05-Nov-16 13:13:42

We went to Kranjska Gora this summer - a ski resort about half an hour north of Bled. It was lovely and I can recommend the chalets we stayed in wholeheartedly!

TheOnlyLivingBoyInNewCross Sat 05-Nov-16 13:17:24

The scenery is beautiful - it's in the Julian Alps - and it is on the border of both Italy and Austria so you get three countries for the price of one.

The Ramada Hotel looked nice - we went swimming there and I think they have a spa too.

5moreminutes Sat 05-Nov-16 13:24:38

Therma Catez

We went there in summer - brilliant for kids as there is a big indoor water park with lots of slides, and also a mini bowling alley and a few other things. It's a bit dated but very affordable (we paid €300 for accommodation and pool entry for 2 adults and 3 children in the summer, but in the on-site mobile homes not the hotels - the actual spa itself is attached to one of the two hotels).

It's a little bit dated but you get a whole lot for your money! Slovenia is small so no matter where you stay you can easily get to the fairytale scenery if you have a car. We visited a palace just 5 or 6 kilometres from Therma Catez which didn't look much from the outside (more of a fortress) but was amazing inside (breath taking ceiling frescos and a museum of local history inside - entry was only €6 for the whole family!)

allegretto Sat 05-Nov-16 15:00:48

Thank you both of you - I'll look into it.

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