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Club Med recommendations please!

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Chocwocdoodah Fri 28-Oct-16 22:32:53

I'm looking for a family holiday with some sun (not too long a flight) with plenty of kids club/activities for a 6 and 3 yr old. I'm not looking for childcare as such, just fun activities. Lovely accommodation and good food would be great too - love a bit of luxury!

So I thought maybe Club Med looked good but the website is rubbish in terms of the search options. Has anyone been on a CM holiday? Would you say it fits what I'm looking for? Any recs? Thanks!

JohnCheese Thu 17-Nov-16 12:12:05

Agree, website is total pants. I've been on a few, everything is included, including spots tuition, and most alcohol (varies slightly from resort to resort). Accommodation in some of the resorts is quite dated but the food is usually excellent. It sounds like it's what you're looking for.
The best food and accommodation was in De Balaia in Portugal and I thought this was a great Club Med - I havent been for 10 years but back then the food was almost phenomenal. I am thinking about it for next summer but it is very expensive and possibly out of my price range. My kids now cost us!

Look at Iberostar too. I've been to Anthelia in Tenerife and it's great.

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