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Luxury ??? Campsites without cheap plastic outside furniture

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Radyward Wed 28-Sep-16 00:23:53

Basically I do not want to holiday in a mobile home as we experienced a caravan holiday in Cornwall where the caravan itself was v v basic to say the least .I still get nightmares over the thin mattress (sorry tmi !!)things are better for us now and can afford a bit nicer accommodation.
What I am looking for is campsites not too big or in the middle of nowhere with a bit of luxury. Does such a place exist ?
V v few hotels in Europe do water slides like the campsites do so that s why I'm leaning towards them . But I don't want a Mobile !!!!! My dd age 7 loves the evening entertainment so need that too ( long fussy criteria I know !)

BeJayKayven Wed 28-Sep-16 00:33:14

Maybe have a look at Bella Italia and similar beside Lake Garda. 4 star caravans or lodges with excellent facilities, walking distance to town.

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