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Croatia campsites?

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2016Hopeful Mon 19-Sep-16 12:07:32

I put this in travel advice but had no response so thought I would try here:

After a lovely summer holiday in Lake Garda, reality is hitting and am back to work and kids are back to school! Can't wait to plan our next holiday!

So I am thinking about Croatia but really don't know where to start. It looks like there are tons of lovely campsites there that are generally by the sea. Anyone been to a nice one in a good area? Ideally we would like to stay at one with the following:

Pools (preferably with slides)
Beach or access to sea
Short walk to a pretty town/village
Good transport links (would prefer not to have to hire a car for the whole time) to some places of interest
Reasonably near an airport (ie less than an hour or two)
Supermarket on site or a walk away
Restaurant on site or a walk away

So quite a lot but we are not bothered about entertainment or kids clubs as none of us are particularly interested!

Thanks in advance for any advice!!

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