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Suggestion for family of 5

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DoublyTroubly Fri 09-Sep-16 22:21:48


I was hoping for a summer holiday suggestion for 5 of us next year (DC will be 4 and 2x2). Ideally somewhere with a decent pool, good kids club to UK standards (including activities for 2 year olds) and with good food options on site. No more than 4 hours flight away. We've been to holiday villages the last couple of years which have been great but most can't get us all into 1 room (and don't guarantee interconnecting rooms). I would like to try and keep in under £4K for all inclusive / half board for 2 weeks

Any suggestions?

Thanks X

bitofabelly Sat 10-Sep-16 12:01:16

Hi there, we like villas with gated pools...would that be too much hassle? Had a fab holiday down near Perpignan this year...are campsites out for you?

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