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Inspire me: 12 week road trip around Northern Europe

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BristolLFR Wed 07-Sep-16 17:51:38

We're planning on taking a 12 week road trip around Northern Europe when our baby is 6 months old, mid June to end Aug next year.

We want to follow some of the Tour de France, the route of which hasn't been announced yet. It will start in Düsseldorf on 1July though and end in Paris on 23 July.

So we have a couple of weeks to spend before it starts, then 7 or so after.

We intend to take a trailer tent and pitch up at a location a week at a time, so need 12 'bases'. We obviously won't be hammering the sightseeing with a little one, but want to stay in lovely places that have a few sights nearby, or that have sights we can break up the journeys in between.

France is obviously on the list, but we won't be following the TdF religiously as that's a lot of travel! Probably do the Paris final stage, either alps or Pyrenees and somewhere else where we can catch a couple of stages together.

After that it's up to us. I'd like to do some of northern Spain and Portugal, and it makes sense to get the Santander ferry back at the end, but apart from that we're open to ideas.

Which countries/ towns/ sights would you put on the itinerary?

Dowser Tue 13-Sep-16 12:56:57

Ile doleron off La Rochelle is really lovely
Let pouldu southern Brittany very nice
Avoriaz / morzine in the Alps breathtaking
If pine forests are your thing..don't miss maubisson..actually that was our worst week ever
Portes de bourgenay lovely
Been to Cannes, st tropes, nice, Monaco, Juanito les pins, grasse...all lovely
Entoute stayes in Rennes lovely old town. Don't miss the Alps though in haute savoie

Dowser Tue 13-Sep-16 12:58:47

Bordeaux was nice and nice zoo at Royan. Also lovely the brandy houses at ...forgotren

Dowser Tue 13-Sep-16 13:13:14

You can do them from lie doleron, La Rochelle

Avoriaz, yvoire, morzine, Les linderlais goat village , there's some waterfalls near that area, chamonix, Les arcs
S Brittany, quimper, quimperle,concarneau was very nice.
You could get the roscoff ferry home. Dinan was nice too.
I'd head for Strasbourg and then the alps, then towards Monaco, Antibes, Cannes, on to Montpellier . I've not been but a friend camped there
Then beziers/ carcasonne up to Bordeaux and Royan lovely beach there. Then La Rochelle and a week on the ile
Then into Brittany and Paris or Paris and Brittany
St meal is also very nice if you want to come home from that port

Dowser Tue 13-Sep-16 13:13:46

St malo

Dowser Tue 13-Sep-16 13:19:19

Oops. Missed the Spain and Portugal bit. I love France. It's so diverse. I think I would prefer to do it all and do it well.
The Alps and the French Riviera. You wouldn't think you were in the same country and the island as well. That's a real chilled holiday as well as southern Brittany.
I used to have a little place in southern Brittany. Lovely. Really laid back.. Again so different from the south.

BristolLFR Tue 13-Sep-16 19:16:36

Fab, thank you! Lots to research there, will get reading up

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