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NorfolkEnchantsToday Sat 27-Aug-16 19:31:00

Hello, I'm going next week all inclusive to el arenal, me and dd aged 4.
I know we would like to do aqua land and a caves of drach tour.
I'm not big on shopping etc, dd will want things like lilos etc but I have no

NorfolkEnchantsToday Sat 27-Aug-16 19:31:41

Posted to soon idea on how much spending money to take at all.
Please could anyone suggest or give any tips please?

Makemineacabsauv Sat 27-Aug-16 23:36:41

Your dd might not get the best out of Aqualand. We went a couple of years ago and my DC aged 11 and 10 didn't like it as it was jam packed full of the 18-30 crowd as its close to magaluf and they felt a bit intimidated. They love water parks and the ones in Majorca were the only ones where they felt like that. The Pirates show however was well worth the money!

Makemineacabsauv Sat 27-Aug-16 23:37:35

AI you probably only need a couple of hundred euros.

NorfolkEnchantsToday Sun 28-Aug-16 06:40:25

Oh no! She's desperate to go there I was hoping at its September it's out of Season a little bit.
If I take £200 I should be okay then?

Makemineacabsauv Sun 28-Aug-16 20:55:20

Are the realises and things at your hotel? You could probably palm her off with that! Now my two are teenagers they would enjoy it more but the fun pool turned into a rave when the wave machine started and there were loads of 18-30s. She might be a bit wee to go on some of the slides too. Look it up on trip advisor and read the reviews - this is just one experience! Price up your trips and take money for them or put them on a card then £200 should be more than enough of you're planning on eating and drinking in your hotel most of the time. Have fun!

PokemonWanker Sun 28-Aug-16 21:05:20

We've just come back from Playa de Palma. Lilos are from 4 euros upwards. I also agree she may not get the most out of Aqualand.

I would take her to Palma Aquarium, there were lots of small children there and there's a play park. We loved it, would highly recommend it to anyone visiting the area. You can buy tickets online or in resort-

Umbrellas/sun beds on the beach were quite pricy so I'd recommend buying a parasol from the shops. They were from 6 euros up depending on size.

You can also hire bikes for the day to ride along the promenade from 5 euros as well as electric scooters and pedal buggies. There are also some horse and carriages. If you don't fancy that you can take the little tourist train up to the end of Can Pastilla.

Happy to answer any questions if I can! Have a great holiday!

NorfolkEnchantsToday Mon 29-Aug-16 07:55:01

Thank you guys, I'll defo take all advice on board. Thank you

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